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Halloween costumes

Hey guys-

I know it's a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but I want to get good costume ideas this year. What costume would you suggest for a 13 year old freshman? The past three years, I was Ms. America twice and a zebra once. I have blond hair and blue eyes, but if someone were to suggest something like Cleopatra, I would gladly buy a wig! I kinda want something glamorous and I'm open to doing cool face/body makeup (btw I found a great site called beautylish that has TONS of tutorials including Halloween ones). Also, if anyone has good ideas for group costumes let me know. I will probably be going with 6 or 7 friends but we may have more people coming and we don't have to dress alike. I just want to know soon so I can start shopping for it lol. Thanks everyone!


Re: Halloween costumes

I love halloween, it is so much fun to dress up! This year I will be in Jamaica for halloween, so unfortuneatly I wont be able to dress up.. but I had planned on being Katy Perry. She is so fun and her outfits are super adorable, and dont forget about her super cute makeup!!


If you do want to dress up like Katy Perry, I suggest this look:


I don't know if you know how to sew or have somebody that you know who can sew for you, because this outfit is pretty much just all sewn together.

Beautybitten on youtube has a tutorial of how she made hers.. I completely recommend watching it, she pretty much sums up everything that you need to do.


For makeup, I would definitely do a fuchsia sparkle on your eyes..


So first start out with a primer of course, what ever is your pick of choice. Then use a hot pink eyeliner, something like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil in Woodstock


Urban Decay - 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Use Woodstock to make a super thick line from your lash line all the way up to your crease.. wing it out a tiny bit.


Then use an eyeshadow like Urban Decays Woodstock and go over the liner, this will help it stay longer.


Urban Decay - Eyeshadow


After that, its GLITTER TIME!!

I would use Urban Decays Heavy Metal Glitter liner in Catfight and put that on top of the entire pink eyeshadow.




Urban Decay - Heavy Metal Glitter Liner


Once that dries, put a little bit of silver sparkles on the inner corner for a pop.
 I would use Urban Decays Heavy Metal Glitter liner in Glam Rock



 Urban Decay - Heavy Metal Glitter Liner


For lips, I would use Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Natural in either Candy Pink or Soft Fushia (they are similar colors)


Candy Pink


MAKE UP FOR EVER - Rouge Artist Natural

Soft Fushia

MAKE UP FOR EVER - Rouge Artist Natural


I hope this helps!! Let us know what you end up going with!!



Re: Halloween costumes

How fun! I Love halloween.. I actually buy my costume far too ahead of time (this year was in February shhh) and sometimes have more than 1 depending on how many events I'm going to! I sometimes like to dress fun/happy for a nice change from the ghoulie/goblins out, but Halloween in the US definitely has a different feel for it than may be in other countries! We love to be scared and go all out to dress crazy and creepy! 


This year I'm dressing as a sort of vintage 30s flappery-Vampire with a light up dress, I can't wait! I even have a battery pack in the skirt to use but it needs MUCH more lighting! I've dressed up as so many things I can hardly remember but I think my favorite was a 40s army pin up girl or Lady Gaga. Smiley Happy


Go for something not too exposing or adult, enjoy Halloween while you're still young!  A cat is always fun, or a celebrity, cheerleader, greek goddess or a Fanta Girl! You can add a fun wig to ANY outfit honestly, I was a witch with a hot pink bob a few years back!. I like the Katy Perry idea, I'd love a long blue wig Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Halloween costumes

If you do the Katy Perry route, have your friends be the candy themed girls/dancers! My friend wanted to be KP last year and I was gonna be the peppermint girl, but the plans fell through! I love big group/themed ideas! The more the merrier!

Re: Halloween costumes

Honey Boo Boo or someone from Toddlers and Tiaras; Juliet from Romeo and Juliet; Pocahontas; Gwen Stefani; someone from Bridesmaids; Pippa Middleton; Princess Diana; Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl...

Re: Halloween costumes


My daughter did a SugarSkull look for Halloween and won first prize at her middle school Halloween party.  Smiley Happy

Re: Halloween costumes

Hi bijoukristyna, 


That is a gorgeous look! I'd love to try that for Halloween one year, but am so afraid of messing it up I'd really need to plan it out first! Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Halloween costumes

Thank you Diana, we had a lot of fun with it.  There was some planning, and a lot of last minute winging it.  Smiley Happy

Re: Halloween costumes @GYM CHIC



Did you finally decide what costume your gonna wear ?  If not I'm gonna sew one for you ! hehehe (joke okay!)



Re: Halloween costumes

I'm always so lazy during Halloween, my kids egenerally chose something from the store and we try and accessorize it.  They are my 10 and 7 ,so they usually don't chose elaborate costumes yet.  One year, I made them Mickey and Minnie, then I had a cowboy, princess, ninja, Glenda the good witch, skeleton, cow, hippie chick,  Darth Vader, Harry Potter, a few Disney I promised we'd go this weekend and look'll be interesting what they pick this year.

Re: Halloween costumes @GYM CHIC


Yes, I think I've said in about 5 different places that I'm going to be a fairy princess. Short pastel poofy dress, wings, tiara, and creative makeup included. I do NOT want you to sew one for me, regardless of your sewing skills. Please stop treating me like a small child- that comment implied that I could not handle picking out a simple Halloween costume. 



P.S. Also, this may be nitpicky but puh-leaze spell my username right! It's not that hard lol

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