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Halloween costumes

Hey guys-

I know it's a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but I want to get good costume ideas this year. What costume would you suggest for a 13 year old freshman? The past three years, I was Ms. America twice and a zebra once. I have blond hair and blue eyes, but if someone were to suggest something like Cleopatra, I would gladly buy a wig! I kinda want something glamorous and I'm open to doing cool face/body makeup (btw I found a great site called beautylish that has TONS of tutorials including Halloween ones). Also, if anyone has good ideas for group costumes let me know. I will probably be going with 6 or 7 friends but we may have more people coming and we don't have to dress alike. I just want to know soon so I can start shopping for it lol. Thanks everyone!


Re: Halloween costumes

I think it would be fun to go as Lady Gaga! Your friends could be Katy Perry, Rihanna (if they were African-American), J Lo, etc. Dressing up as a rocker would be awesome and you could have a blast with makeup. Feel free to choose different rocker if you like her better, this is just a suggestion.

Or a vampiress, that's always fun.

Re: Halloween costumes

Next to Christmas Halloween is my all time favorite holiday!


I usually start planning my Halloween costumes mid August because they're usually a little elaborate or require specific things to really make the costume pop. Last year I was a toddler beauty pageant queen which was SO much fun to put together. I found a poofy dress from the 80s, cut it to be knee length, and added a huge petticoat. I made a pageant banner, wore a crown, a big wig, I finished everything off with laced socks and white heeled mary janes.


Doing my makeup was the best part just due to the fact that I got to apply my makeup super heavy. I contoured the heck out of my face, wore bright Malibu barbie pink lipstick, and got to experiment with some shadow colors that I don't usually wear on a daily basis.

This was probably my favorite Halloween costume to date.
For this Halloween I'm going to be Hello Kitty! She has so many different outfits that she wears, but I'm thinking about going with the classic shorts and suspenders.


Going as a pop star is always a great way to go! Especially if you had friends that could join you as other singers. Other really fun costumes would be dressing up as a doll, a show girl, a fairy, a cat (it's classic but I've seen some really done up cat costumes), a disney princess, a roller derby girl, a ballerina, goldilocks (you should see if 3 friends would be interested in being bears).

Whimsically yours,

Re: Halloween costumes

My friends and I are going as characters from Alice and wonderland! That's good because theres lots of characters to choose from and they're pretty recognizable. You can be the queen of hearts, Alice, the mad hatter, the rabbit, cards, etc! 


Other group costumes can be based off almost anything in the media. Harry potter, pokemon, Friends, anything really. You could be crayola crayons, and everyone could be a different color haha Smiley Happy Or, if you really want something simple, you can go with the classic sheet over the head ghosts, but you have enough time where you don't have to resort to that haha and if you're going trick or treating I think you owe people a good costume haha, just my rule of thumb XD


Hopes this sparks some ideas!


~We are all beautiful~


Re: Halloween costumes

Ah yes. Movies are always a good source of group costumes, especially if you guys have one everybody likes. I remember a group of my friend once went at Alice in Wonderland and they were AMAZing! They had Alice, the bunny, humpty dumpty duo, the queen, the cat, and the Mad Hatter. The clothe and make up were good, but the hair was amazing. You can also do Harry Potter, X men, any well known anime because most anime have very distinct clothe....


But as for my favorite group costume?


It's Tetris. A group of my friends just put on music, got a ton of spray paint, black duc tape, and cardboard boxes, then made different Tetris block for each person. They actually fit together (LOL).


I'm rather lazy for halloween. I was a snow leopard twice, an anime character (with a big emocon in my hair) once, a renaissance/medieval maiden once. I'm thinking of doing Trinity in Matrix, or a fairy because I want a super colorful smokey eye.....oh I just thought of it! Disillusioned fairy. The normal ruffly floaty dress with colorfy smokey eye, then messy hair, either smeared heavy eyeliner or lipstick, and carrying half bottle of whiskey. Ok, it's decided. Now I don't have to think about it until Halloween week. =D

Re: Halloween costumes ( @Beauty Insider)

@ Antoine. Ok, I just have to say this. Your posts really gets under my nerves and struck my pet peeves, not because the content of your post is bad. First of all, either PM or post, pick one, or else I will only reply to posts and ignore all your PM from now on. Second of all, can you please make your font smaller? perhaps to size 12 or 14 which are the standard font for English texts? Because the fact your fonts are big AND looks bolded gives me a headache. Yes, they are my personal preference, but since you are talking to me and I assume we are on friendly terms, I would appreciate it if you try to do that. Thank you.


In US people of all ages can dress up and there is nothing wrong with that, altho trick-or-treat (asking for candy) is only for little kids and it can be awkward when adults go trick-or-treat. I help organize the halloween party at my University, so I should be dressing up anyways.Now guess my age! hah..... (or search for one of the posts where I stated my actual age).


@Gymchic. Sorry for hijacking the post, we are moving the discussion to PM. And we should totally do a costume/make up post on Halloween. =)

Re: Halloween costumes ( @Beauty Insider)

Hey, Antoine! If you have trouble reading smaller fonts and text and prefer to type in larger sizes, we can understand that. Why not typing out your responses in larger text so you can clearly see that you're typing what you want without mistakes, then highlighting everything and making it average 12 or 14 size? That way you can still be on point with your posts but won't look like you're yelling in threads. We understand that you're not screaming or yelling, but it's a general rule of thumb on the Internet and forums that all caps, large, or bolded fonts and text mean someone is putting more force or emphasis on words.


Hope this helps some! Smiley Happy

Re: My SecreT Lover On Sephora Forum ?

Good for you, Antoine! Smiley Happy


Don't be silly to think us posters would be jelous, anyone of us finding happiness is joyous news! But we also respect your want to stay private on the matter, so we will not pry.

Re: My SecreT Lover On Sephora Forum ?

If your reference to a secret lover is Beautytester, please note what she commented back on you in another thread about referring to her respectfully and not under the false guise or petname that does not hold any validity or truth.


Again, if you were serious about someone who you met here that you love or have a connection with, then great for you, Antoine, again, we all here can rally behind the feel good sensation of love. What people cannot rally behind are falsfied statements. If you mean to jest with such, please be sure everyone is "in on the joke" as some may say as so nothing is taken out of context or misinterpretted.

Re: My SecreT Lover On Sephora Forum ?

If you notice, Antoine, as you are so accustomed to quoting the posts of who you respond to, I stated "If" as in 'If you mean to jest", I am not accusing you of anything. The "If" in my statement makes that clear, if you have misinterpretted my posted then you have done just that, misinterpretted.


As far as dropping the topic, please note that my response that you quoted was from the middle of last month, you have brought it back to air nearly two weeks after it was posted, if you really wished to have dropped this topic you wouldn't have waited so long to respond or even responded at all as you would have had to go back to the second page of this thread to quote my post.

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