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Halloween Makeup

If you don't wanna dress up you can do really fun makeup.  I would do a smokey eye with a thick liner and red lipstick.  You can alway wear fun clothes too like halloween colors and black jeans.  Shoes too.  And don't forget your accessories.  Fun braceles and necklaces.  Haloween is so close

Re: Halloween Makeup

Hi epmakeup!


Great point! I was checking out pinterest for some fun ideas and even if you don't do a costume there are fun how to-s for decorated lips or even pictures on the eyes (butterflyes, birds, etc.) Lots of fun! I think fun shoes and jewelry are always great ideas too- Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup is so fun! It's a great time to go crazy and try shades you won't normally go for. I always use it as an opportunity to try out a bold lip color, like cranberry. Smiley Happy It's also a fun time to wear costume falsies, like lace or paper cutout designs. Smiley Happy

Re: Halloween Makeup

These are my 2 favorite eyes from Pinterest - I'm thinking of doing one for Halloween.

eye 5.jpg

eye 4.jpg

Re: Halloween Makeup

Omg the first one is awesome!!!

I have to work for Halloween and we can't dress up but I can definitely do this to my eyes Smiley Very Happy

Re: Halloween Makeup



Re: Halloween Makeup

Is this girl with the purple hair and black lips Traci Hines?? I adore her. Smiley Happy

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