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Hall of Famer

I don't dislike the title Hall of Famer... but after all the work and countless helpful hints these ladies (and some men) post I feel like a more glamorous sounding title would fit better.  When my title was "beauty Pro" I got a private message from a newcomer asking me for advice. I could help her with a few questions she had but many of them would have been best suited for a Hall of Famer... I think the title had confused her and she thought i was a pro.


I dont really have a title in mind but something like "Superstar" or "Beauty Goddess"??? idk.


What do you think?


Re: Hall of Famer

thanks for explaining, Diana!

Re: Hall of Famer

Good to know. Thanks for the information Diana! 

Re: Hall of Famer

It's really good to know that it's not directly related to hearts- that way, when you pass a certain number and your title stays the same, no disappointment.

Re: Hall of Famer

@Roxystar- It's really sweet of you to start this post. But the names haven't really mattered that much but I did get excited when I reached Hall of Famer but now it's not that big of a deal. I would rather have the top contributors part brought back like in the old forum,and honestly I feel like your answers are as good as any one with the Hall of Famer title. To me on this new site Hall of Famer is achieved faster than it was on the old site. But Thanks it's very sweet for you to mention it!Smiley Happy

Re: Hall of Famer

thanks for being so kind beautylovingirl Smiley Happy 

Re: Hall of Famer

 I've been here for three years (or very nearly, I can't remember when BT actually started) and I've had the same title for a while (which seems to be the last one) but it took a while for it to change. The names seemed to go in order at one point, but I think there are more of them now and it doesn't seem consistent anymore. I don't think it has anything to do with hearts -- I think, like Diana mentioned, it has to do with contributions, how you heart others' posts, etc.


Re: Hall of Famer

You're very welcome! I do know there are 36 different titles that are handed out at random so they do vary quite a bit!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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