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Hall of Famer

I don't dislike the title Hall of Famer... but after all the work and countless helpful hints these ladies (and some men) post I feel like a more glamorous sounding title would fit better.  When my title was "beauty Pro" I got a private message from a newcomer asking me for advice. I could help her with a few questions she had but many of them would have been best suited for a Hall of Famer... I think the title had confused her and she thought i was a pro.


I dont really have a title in mind but something like "Superstar" or "Beauty Goddess"??? idk.


What do you think?


Re: Hall of Famer

i thought it was simply based on hearts received. starletta, I didnt think about hearts given either!

Re: Hall of Famer

I LOVE .....  This thread!!!!  

Re: Hall of Famer

Ivebeen on here for more than a year.  What I've come to figure out is the titles have no rhyme or reason, they just change with the more posts or responses you contribute.  I really don't think it has to do with hearts.  I've seen hall of famers with 400 hearts and some with 5000.  Ive asked when I first came and the mod responded With pretty much the same answer I'm giving now.


the hearts seem to be a tool to give thumbs up to posts you like.  


If anyone has a more concrete answer to the system, pls help...there are hall of famers who have been on here way longer!


Re: Hall of Famer

I never thought about them changing with how many responses you give. It makes sense. I have 400 hearts and it says Hall of Famer. I thought you had to have alot more hearts for that title but i don't understand it. 

Re: Hall of Famer

And I've got 450+ hearts and am still the same title I got when I hit 200 hears.


So I guess there's no sense us trying to figure it out.

Re: Hall of Famer

I don't have a clue about how they change your title but I like the name Beauty Goddess.LOL

Re: Hall of Famer

There should be a list somewhere on BT that states the different titles and what they mean. I have no idea if a Beauty Maven, Beauty Pro or Beauty Master have been around longer. If there's no breakdown, the titles just seem a little silly to me. 

Re: Hall of Famer

Thanks for the feedback! I'm sure Candace is keeping tabs on this thread with all your helpful tips and suggestions!


Right now the names are sort of chosen at random by the system according to how many posts you do, what you heart, how many topics you start and participate in but there's not a direct order of titles for each user name. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Hall of Famer

good to know. Thanks DianaBT

Re: Hall of Famer

Thanks for the clarity through the muddy waters, Diana!

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