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HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

I was only $30 away from Platinum in Ultamate Rewards, so I went for it this year.  


Went in store and got my total up so that I was almost there, then placed an order a few days before the New Year so I would be sure to more than get Platinum Status ($350 spend in 2013).


I saw my points weren't showing up so I emailed Customer Service to ask about this.  Because they are backed up and my order is going to take a while for them to process and ship, they tell me I won't get the points in 2013 so I will be a few dollars away from making Platinum.  And there's nothing they can/will do about this.


I ordered in plenty of time, but they will NOT apply the points until an order ships; it will take them a while to get around to shipping, so I won't make Platinum.


Also if I had known this since I placed my order I would have simply walked into a shop and spent the last few dollars.


You can imagine how incredibly mad this made me, on the principle of the thing.  Terrible, terrible experience.  I asked them to have a CS supervisor please follow up with me by phone.


(EDIT: They said a CS supervisor will contact me within 24-48 hours by phone, I don't believe this as my one previous order with Ulta, my first time ordering from them, was a nightmare because I placed it over BF/CM.  They promised 24-48 follow up four weeks after my order was placed when I still hadn't gotten my goods, and it still took about ten days to get a call.)

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

Sorry this happened!

What's crazy to me is that when I used to work at Macy's, if the customer complained about the littlest thing, the manager would cave and give them coupons, discounts, extra samples, etc. People would return empty tubes/bottles all the time! And then places that are specifically tailored to people who love makeup get punished for SPENDING!!!!

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

For those who were following/wondering, I never did hear from a supervisor.


Long story short, I contacted CS again after waiting 2 weeks and getting nothing in response, and they said they will get back to me after researching this issue.


It's been another week, no response this time either.

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

Wow. Sounds familiar. Do all beauty stores have shoddy customer service, or is it just Sephora and Ulta. Wait, Nordstrom is pretty awesome. I think that's all I've found, though. 

I'd definitely return everything to them and purchase elsewhere. My new non-Sephora alternatives (besides Nordstrom) has become Asian skincare sites, h2o plus, brand sites during sales, etc I'm loving the prices, too! Cheaper, plus better ingredients=win for my skin! (I get good deals, so regular price isn't always cheaper than Sephora.) 

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

I find Ulta to be super convenient since it's closer than a Sephora, and they carry drugstore brands as well.  I go there and get the same stuff I'd get at target or elsewhere, and the coupons work for that kind of stuff.  I also like NYX, and sometimes they do gwp right in the store so it's just a toss up as to which one I'll go to.  If I have a tine that costs the same either way, Sephora is usually my choice to rack points.  I never make platinum there but always VIB at sephora.  


Ive vey never had issues with Ulta, but I don't really order online since a store is nearby.  Hopefully your issue can be worked out soon!  I'd return the order.

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

Only go to Ulta when absolutely necessary. The coupons are never for the brands I like so I'd rather shop at sephora, get points and use them for something special. This yr I scored a Bobbi brown eye shadow and blush palette w/mascara that I keep at work for freshening up or going out. Plus the vib coupon for 20% off can be used for ANYTHING at Sephora. That's when I stock up on foundation and clarisonic brushes. 

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

Thanks again for the support friends, I'll update when I hear anything from Ulta (or not)! Smiley Happy  I appreciate the commiseration and co-rants! hehe


Thanks for listening Smiley Happy.

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

Wow -- I'm sorry you're having to go through this, and what you went through with Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  That's shoddy customer service. 


I don't like going into Ulta (I'm sensitive to strong smells, their perfume section is at the front of the store and it always smells like someone just went through and tried EVERYTHING, plus my local store seems disorganized).  I noticed in their ad that my husband's shampoo is on sale.  I pointed it out to him, and he said that they never have it when he checks.  I considered ordering it online, but not anymore.  Saving a few bucks isn't worth all that trouble. 


So, again, I'm sorry about your poor experiences.  But thank you for sharing, because I think you're saving me some trouble . . .

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

wow that is just crazy. I'm glad i never shopped much at ulta. Sheesh! I was contemplating that maybe i should since their rewards actually give $$ but now I won't make any effort to!!

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

That is so wrong.  If the CS supervisor doesn't resolve your issue take it to social media.  I've had great results when complaining (respectfully) via FB and Twitter.

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

There was one time that I had an order from Sephora arrive at my house without one of the items I had ordered in the box (a Bobbi Brown brush, so it wasn't exactly cheap). I called Sephora, expecting there to be a huge hassle since it was an expensive product, but they apologized profusely and shipped one out to me the same day, no questions asked. 


With Ulta, it feels like I'm shooting myself in the foot whenever I contact customer service... Pretty sure I've had to contact them for about 1/2 the orders I've made. Granted, they do have better sales/rewards points than Sephora most of the time, but whenever I have the option to shop at Sephora vs Ulta where Ulta has the cheaper total cost, it feels like I'm choosing between not only the price differences, but the service differences, as well.

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

i also got email today stating that to be a platinum you must spend $400 vs. $350!!! Because of that i will continue to shop at Sephora!! Plus point perks are better and  i get samples in the store/online!!! GOOOO SEPHORAAA!!!

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

What! I didn't get this email. Lame.

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

I saw that too.  I'm also disappointed that they're taking away salon services as rewards in February.

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

My new email said 400.00 this year too , but I already am good at 350 for the rest of 2014, so we shall see. I am not too ecstatic with Sephora's Rouge program either, but better or worse I am in for the next year. I think this year is about to getting my budget back on track and sadly I cannot spend 5,000 on beauty products just because they are on sale and/or GWP's . I have had a real problem with retail therapy this past year and my stockpiles show it. I will stick to my 2x year trip to the store and just order my facial cotton( no I will not live without that) and my other basics for now . I will wait till they get these promotions on point before I have to sell my last child to pay for my beauty needs>>lol

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

Oh lawd, that's ridiculous.  I was around $20 away from being platinum and considered putting an order in a couple days ago--now I'm so glad I didn't!  I saw in an email today that they raised the Platinum qualifying amount to $400.  Pretty sure that won't ever happen.  

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

I got that email as well. I am so so so glad I didn't push a bunch of orders in- I was going to, but changed my mind. So glad I did. Ill stick with rouge I guess. 

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

They're ridiculous and nonsensical. It should credit the day you place the order. It shouldn't be the customer's problem and hassle to try and keep track of if they ordered early enough for the company to do a bunch of crap and finally apply points. No, it should go by the date you placed your order even if it's 11:59PM on the 31st. And if their system doesn't do it automatically then one glance at the date of order should have them adjusting the points. It's just common sense. Why are companies so stupid sometimes? I'm sure it says somewhere on the site purchases you make in 2013 and it's still 2013 so what...the...heck! How do they get away with the lies they advertise?


So does this mean that I haven been waiting all day to order something after midnight for nothing? I wanted it to go towards 2014 points but by the way they do things it won't apply for days or even a week probably so I can just order and not worry about it? Ya right. You know they'd be like oh no sorry your order date was 2013 those don't apply to your $350 for 2014.


Sorry I feel like I ranted all up in your post but this stuff pisses me off. I hope they change it for you.

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

Oh. No.


I am getting mad for you....I really hope that there is something that they can/will do to get you to Platinum. 

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

Ouch! Not okay.

Did they charge your credit card yet>? If they have, it is 2013 still! 

I agree with Plantgarden about writing them a letter and should you decide to cancel your order, you may wish to enlighten them on why.

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

They already informed me my order cannot be cancelled.


But I will certainly write them about it if the phone call doesn't fix it.  


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