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HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

I was only $30 away from Platinum in Ultamate Rewards, so I went for it this year.  


Went in store and got my total up so that I was almost there, then placed an order a few days before the New Year so I would be sure to more than get Platinum Status ($350 spend in 2013).


I saw my points weren't showing up so I emailed Customer Service to ask about this.  Because they are backed up and my order is going to take a while for them to process and ship, they tell me I won't get the points in 2013 so I will be a few dollars away from making Platinum.  And there's nothing they can/will do about this.


I ordered in plenty of time, but they will NOT apply the points until an order ships; it will take them a while to get around to shipping, so I won't make Platinum.


Also if I had known this since I placed my order I would have simply walked into a shop and spent the last few dollars.


You can imagine how incredibly mad this made me, on the principle of the thing.  Terrible, terrible experience.  I asked them to have a CS supervisor please follow up with me by phone.


(EDIT: They said a CS supervisor will contact me within 24-48 hours by phone, I don't believe this as my one previous order with Ulta, my first time ordering from them, was a nightmare because I placed it over BF/CM.  They promised 24-48 follow up four weeks after my order was placed when I still hadn't gotten my goods, and it still took about ten days to get a call.)

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

Thanks so much for the support ladies (and gents if any)!  I appreciate it, I was soo looking forward to my first year ever of being Platinum with Ulta that I was shocked and sad about this, I had just started shopping them this year for the first time.


So as everyone said, I did try to cancel my order, in the ultimate irony they emailed me back to say, 


"once an order is placed it's processed immediately, to ensure timely shipping (hahahaha)"


so my order cannot be canceled.


What an ironic joke based on their previous email that my order isn't being processed or shipped currently.  Seriously!


Can I also ad that this is immediately following a HORRENDOUS CS experienced following my BF/CM Order.  It took like 5 weeks to resolve and get my order (seriously, no fault of mine - they sent me an EMPTY BOX!).  Might I add that my empty box wasn't shipped until about three to four weeks after my order, so waiting that long was a treat -- then the follow up took almost another ten days to get a call back from CS and get my items shipped (of course without the bonus GWP at that point).


Then it's "well there's no longer any GWP because that's sold out" (the reason I placed my BF/CM order in the first place)... ugh, what a mess.



Notice in both cases they have no problem CHARGING ME/taking my money immediately.  I just didn't get what I was expecting in return, hehe.


Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

i agree with canceling your order. I'd be so mad. Smiley Sad

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

Oh gosh, Nicrohr... that's just wrong on every level from Ulta.  You're justified to feel anger and frustration.  I would feel the exact same way since the order was placed well before the deadline cutoff.  I'm so sorry.  :'(

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

Cancel your order.  That's a pretty awful way to do business.  Hopefully it will all get resolved the way you would like .

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

That's awful.   I think if you write them a letter it will be resolved.  Their problem of not shipping/processing your order is not your problem.   You should be credited the day you placed the order.

I hope it works out for you. <3

Re: HORRIBLE Ulta Experience (not) becoming Platinum! :(

that is just HORRIBLE customer service. I'm so sorry to hear this. I would be FURIOUS.  Heck, I'm getting mad for you!!  I have heard way too many stories of piss poor customer service at Ulta Smiley Sad

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