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ok im 13 and I really love make up and know lots about it and lots of ppl say I am good at it so I am thinking about becoming a make up artist and I know im to young to get a job right now but do u have any ideas on what I can do now to get my start btw my sis works at the Sephora in my home town mall and I talked to some ppl there and they said try to ask some questions on the web site so here I am


Everyone has already given you great advice! I knew around 13 that I wanted to do something involving makeup, but was just a little uncertain as to what.


-Practice, practice, practice! Apply makeup to yourself, friends, family members. Try practicing on different skin tones, skin types, and eye shapes.


-Learn about different products and techniques. There are so many beauty resources out there from magazines to youtube. When I started really getting into hunting for makeup jobs (this was when I was around 18 or 19) I actually had a little notebook that I would fill about different brands to 'study'. I'm sure your sister will be happy to chat all about makeup with you!


-Get your makeup done professionally if you can Smiley Happy. A lot of counters and Sephora locations will do it for free with the purchase of some products. Use that time to ask questions if you want. I asked my MUA friends TONS of questions about the industry before really getting into it.


Overall just research and practice are the two key elements for budding makeup artists. Like any other skill or hobby practice makes perfect Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,


thanks for all the tips and I just found out there is a class I can go observe since im to young  to be in it so yay it starts in august and  im so excited thank you guys so much just wish I could go every day you can only go a couple days a  month and what is great is that it is in our community center which is in walking distance from my house so I wont have to get my mom to drive and its a high school credit !!!!!!!


First of all, welcome!


finding something you are passionate about at such a young age is great. Remember to have fun and just learn as much as possible.


A few ideas:

  • Do makeovers on people frequently.
  • is there a cosmetology school near you? If so, volunteer (and be willing to provide written parental permission) have be their guinea pig. Even as the subject, you'll learn a lot and see some of the techniques they're being taught.
  • Make friends with your local beauty counter reps- they'll tip you off to events when national artists come to your area. Learn from what those pros do.
  • keep asking questions all over- including here


Keep asking questions, and read up on the vast wealth of knowledge here. Don't forget about tutorial videos as a way to learn new techniques.


Hi!  I'm 17 and in the same situation.  To work in a Sephora you have to be 18, but in the meantime you should go to makeup workshops (google makeup workshops in your town), or do an online makeup program if you have time (I did Robert Jones Beauty Academy).  Also, just give your friends makeovers as much as you can, the more practice the better you'll be.  Hope this helps!

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