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Guess the picture!

Whenever I found this picture,I didn't even know what it was at first! So, without clicking on the picture to make it bigger first, what do you think it is?

You'll be pretty surprised when you see this because it's real!


Still havn't figured it out? Ok, then, go click on it to get to about me, then scroll down to my pics., then click this picture to enlarge it. {Don't worry, I had to too!}

Cool, isn't it?

One of my neighbours is a photographer, and he took this not too far from my house{just behind us near the river!} 🙂



Re: Guess the picture!

OK, I had to cheat and enlarge the photo to see it and I was completely amazed!  That's such an awesome photo!  If your photographer friend submitted it in photo contests I guarantee he would win.  Thanks for sharing! 🙂  I love animals and wildlife in general.  I have 2 dogs and 2 cats right now.  I did have 3 cats until one of my sweet girls died at the age of 15 recently--I still miss her very much.  I also had a goldfish for 5 years that died very recently, too.  All of my pets are getting old and it's making me sad. Smiley Sad

Re: Guess the picture!

@tenngal- I totally feel you honey. Last year I had to put down two of my cats. They were almost 20 years old. It was heartbreaking for me. I dont really remember a time without those cats. As for any goldfish I ever owned.....those same two cats who I had to put down would always find a way to get to my fish tank....I would catch my cats with their paws in the tank trying to catch the fish. I stopped buying goldfish after that. haha. 

Re: Guess the picture!

@pinkyy13:  I'm sorry to hear about you losing your beloved cats.  My pets are just like part of my family and it sounds like you feel the same about yours.  It really hurts to lose them.  I wish cats and dogs would live to be as old as people, but we just have to love and enjoy being with them while we can I guess.  As for my fish, I kept him safely tucked away in my bedroom which is the only room my kitties are not allowed in so he was safe, ha ha. 🙂

Re: Guess the picture!

@tenngal: You had a goldfish for five years?! That must be some kind of world record! I'm so sorry about your cat 😞 I'm jealous of all of your pets in general. I really want a dog; I love them and I've never had one. I live with a cat now, but she's not mine, so it's different. One day! 🙂

Re: Guess the picture!

@katie1724:  Yeah, that was a long-living goldfish.  I had a rabbit that lived to be 8 and the vet thought that was a miracle, especially since he lived outdoors.  I fed him a couple of carrots every day along with his rabbit food so I guess he was a happy, healthy rabbit. 🙂

Re: Guess the picture!

@beebrunet- Oh my god thats so crazy! what a fantastic picture! Slightly terrifying but cool nonetheless!

Re: Guess the picture!

thx, pinkyy13! 🙂

Re: Guess the picture!

The only scary animals I ever see in my backyard are coyotes and they just look like nasty dirty dogs. haha. 

Re: Guess the picture!

yeah, sorry about that. I loves me some birdseed... 😕

Re: Guess the picture!

Wow, I thought I live in the back of beyond, but we never had bears upside down in our feeders before! Did have a mountain lion once and black bears fishing in our stream during droughts (the fish get trapped in shallow pools and the bears have easy pickings getting them out). Cool pic!

Re: Guess the picture!

Ya, prettyipa, it was cool but scary to see this pic! We also have mountain lions up here in Canada and cyotes and wolves. We hear them but we rarely see them! Except for cyotes, actaully, we see them often, but they're small. They come into our yard and howl  and do their thing, but they've never hurt anyone-thank God!

Wow... I'm making sound like I live in the boondox here. Well, I don't. We actually live 15 min. away from a town with 50,000 people, so I'm not too out there.

But, yes, I do live in the country.

But hey, if I didn't we may not be talking about this cool yet freaky and scary pic. right now....right? lol  🙂

Re: Guess the picture!

We have coyotes here too, but they are very secretive and don't howl much. They have adapted by not making noise so the locals don't shoot at them. I have seen them exactly twice in the 25 years we have lived here, they are so shy. But in the snow in the winter the tracks come right up to the house which drives the dog nuts. 


We don't have wolves, though you wouldn't know it if you saw my dog, he is huge and looks like a wolf.

Re: Guess the picture!

I have 2 dogs. A old english sheepdog{shaggy dog} and a miniature dashund{miniature weiner dog}.

I love animals! I'm such an animal lover,I 'm even a vegetarian! I wish I could get more dogs, but my dad would never go for it 😞

I also have 4 cats, a parrot, 6 pirana's, 2 hermit crabs, a squirrel that we've been taking  care of and feeding and a few deer we put seed out for and see like almost everyday{we've actually almost been able to pet them too!}

So, ya, I live in a zoo- but I love it! 🙂

I could just keep adopting animals...

Re: Guess the picture!

@bee: I love sheepdogs, too...all dogs, pretty much; I just have a soft spot for the big, furry ones.


You're very lucky! I never had a dog, or a pet, growing up. My parents got a cat when I went to college (unrelated; I have three younger siblings, so they weren't looking to fill my void) and they LOVE that cat. She's 11 now and she follows my parents around everywhere, but she's the only real pet they've had. I don't understand this, because my dad in particular would **LOVE** a dog -- he's the kind of person who runs around playing and rolls around on the floor with other people's dogs, and he loves them -- and they love him! So I don't understand this. Maybe when he retires! 🙂

Re: Guess the picture!

Aww.. that's so cute! Ya, I know I'm lucky to have so many animals, but It's like the more you get the more you want!

And right now I'm telling my dashund-Piper to stop barking her head off-I'm telling you, she's a yappy little thing... but i love her...She's just staring at me now with her big brown eyes.. Ok, I gotta kiss her now, bye! 🙂

Re: Guess the picture!

Wow, that's really cool! I think I would faint if I saw that, or a coyote, in my backyard -- haha! Wait, so did it climb on that line to get at the feeder, or is it caught? I can't tell...


@prettyinpa: I LOVE big dogs! What kind do you have? I've been wanting a Malamute for ages...or a Samoyed...or a German Shepherd...or a mix that looks like get the idea :D. I live in an apartment, though, and I wouldn't do that to a big dog.



Re: Guess the picture!

At the smaller icon size, it looks like something out of national geographic.  Flying ape or something af first.  But with the other hint it had to be something else.  It would have been interesting to see how the bear climbed up and got into that position.  Luckily, those tend to be closer to the national park(s).


There are coyotes here but they are probably more abundant westward.  I hear one every once in a while but we see more foxes.  It's almost happy spring skunk season too. 

Re: Guess the picture!

That is a deceptive photo at a smaller size. 


Interesting though.  Thanks for sharing. 

Re: Guess the picture!

I know, hey?, ran8? That's why  I wanted you to look at the smaller photo first-it really tricks you! 🙂

Re: Guess the picture!

Holy fudge!

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