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Great news!

Well, I woke up this morning and took a test.  Turns out I'm pregnant again!  Let's pray this is a healthy baby and DOESN'T have myotonic dystrophy like mommy, shall we?  (We'll find out for sure at 10-13 weeks, but until then, I just want to be happy about it!  Took 10 months of trying. Smiley Happy  So Alyssa may be in heaven, but it looks like she'll have a little brother or sister!

Re: Great news!

Congrats!  I wish you and your baby the best! 

Re: Great news!

Congratulations WaterBaby1981!! So Very Happy for You&Family!! WillPray for You and send Happy Thoughts Your way!! AngieB.

Re: Great news!

Congratulations WaterBaby1981! I'm sending warm thoughts for a happy and healthy pregnancy Smiley Happy

Whimsically yours,

Re: Great news!

Congratulations waterbaby1981! I will be sending thoughts and prayers your way. 



This one is for Alyssa. May you always know that she is being taken care of. 

Guardian Angel

Re: Great news!

I am so thrilled for you waterbaby1981! I will be sending thoughts, prayers and well wishes for you and your entire family. I am fairly new to all of this and really just happened upon your post...coincidence....I think not. I didn't know you could post things like this, I am so glad you can and so glad you did. I am not always so good with names (especially screennames) but, even when I can't think of your screen name, I'll remember you and your story and will continue to send prayers for you. During your weak, tired, and down moments (which are hopefully few and far between)I hope you know that because you chose to share this beautiful news and your concerns, with us, people like me are rooting and praying for you. I hope you will remember that and call on that and draw strength from it. I hope this doesn't sound too cheesy or manufactured, it really isn't, it is straight from my heart.I feel a little silly, but, I just felt like I needed to send it. I am sorry for your loss, you have an Angel up there helping you out, but you already knew that. I loved the pictures that 'sephoramusthave' sent to you, they are perfect. I hope you will keep us posted, I think you can send 'in private' messages, or something like that, so feel free to send me something 'in private' if you'd like, I'd be honored. Best of everything. God Bless.


Re: Great news!

Congratulations!!  I know you and your husband were estatic about the test results!  I wish you and your family the absolute best during the 9 months to come and afterwards, too.  I'm sure Alyssa is beaming down upon you all, and will be with each every step of the way.  Congratulations once again!

Re: Great news!

Hello waterbaby1981!


Congratulations to you and hubby! I wish you the best and will pray for a healthy and safe pregnancy and am very happy for you! I know your little Alyssa is up there with a huge smile on her face for her parents. Smiley Happy So kind of you to share with the rest of our community, we are all so happy and excited for you! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Great news!

Congratulations WaterBaby! *hug* That's awesome news! I'm so happy for you! I wish you much happiness and good health.

Re: Great news!

Congratulations waterbaby1981!  Hope your pregnancy turns out to be smooth and you and your baby are healthy!


My positive thoughts are with you!

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