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Great news!

Well, I woke up this morning and took a test.  Turns out I'm pregnant again!  Let's pray this is a healthy baby and DOESN'T have myotonic dystrophy like mommy, shall we?  (We'll find out for sure at 10-13 weeks, but until then, I just want to be happy about it!  Took 10 months of trying. Smiley Happy  So Alyssa may be in heaven, but it looks like she'll have a little brother or sister!

Re: Great news!



Im also pregnant with my first baby Smiley Happy


I wish you a very healthy&happy pregnancy <3

Re: Great news!

@makeupjunky89 - saw your post to waterbaby1981 and wanted to send congrats your way too. Can I ask how far along you are? First baby must be super exciting - I'll send up prayers for you as well. Hope you'll keep me/all of us posted.Smiley Happy

Re: Great news!

Congratulations and best wishes!

Re: Great news!

Congrats! So excited for the both of you Smiley Very Happy

Re: Great news!

Wow that's great news, best of luck.  I'm sure everything will turn out well, I'm so sorry for your loss but I will pray for you and your baby. 

Re: Great news!

oh YAY! that's awesome news waterbaby! Smiley Happy 


Re: Great news!

Congratulations Waterbaby1961!  Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy Smiley Happy


Re: Great news!

Congrats Waterbaby1961!!!Smiley Happy I wish you well.

<3 Melissa

Re: Great news!

Wow, congratulations -- and I wish you the best! Smiley Happy

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