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Goodbye Keelybt!

She's going to kill me for this, but I have to do it. 


Lovely BTers, today is our dear Keelybt's last day at Sephora (and thus, as a mod on BeautyTalk.) Given that she was one of the FIRST BT mods that we've ever had, and has been here since the beginning, I think we should send her off with a "Goodbye Heart Party" and a big ol "thanks!" for being an awesome moderator and a wonderful person.


We're going to miss you Keely! Feel free to come back and hang out, it might be more fun without your mod badge. Smiley Very Happy







Re: Goodbye Keelybt!

Goodbye, Keelybt! You will be missed! Good luck to you in everything that you do. Smiley Happy

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