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Going to get fat and go broke! :)

I'm turning 29 again Smiley Wink on the 11th and since it's my birthday month my inbox is getting swamped with offers!  Get 20% off your order, free dessert, free burger, free lip gloss... just to name a few.  I've taken advantage of free mascara from Smashbox and the Sugar Lip duo from Sephora but that's all. 


I always have the sense of "throwing away money" when I don't take advantage of "free" offers even though a purchase is required.  It makes me feel twitchy.  Help me stay strong!





Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

Happy Birthday, Kalex!!  I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends.  Like I said earlier, at least have some birthday cake!  



How exactly would one go about cutting a cake like this? lol

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

Thanks Kimmi!  Where are you finding these cakes?  They're fantastic!

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

You're welcome!  I went to Google Images and type in "makeup cakes" or "sephora cakes."  There are a lot of MAC ones, too.

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALEX! Smiley Happy Have a great one!!!

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALEX!!! I know you'll be here chatting away with us for the next 29 years and we'll all be here with you wishing you another HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Smiley Happy

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

Happy Birthday Kalex!  I hope you had a great day and I wish you a year filled with all the very best!

As far as those "free" offers are concerned-it's only a deal if it's something you really want.  Otherwise, it's just a way to separate you from your money.  I do love the birthday gift from Sephora and always make sure I go pick mine up or get it included in an order.  Smiley Happy


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