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Going to get fat and go broke! :)

I'm turning 29 again Smiley Wink on the 11th and since it's my birthday month my inbox is getting swamped with offers!  Get 20% off your order, free dessert, free burger, free lip gloss... just to name a few.  I've taken advantage of free mascara from Smashbox and the Sugar Lip duo from Sephora but that's all. 


I always have the sense of "throwing away money" when I don't take advantage of "free" offers even though a purchase is required.  It makes me feel twitchy.  Help me stay strong!





Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

I have no idea what that Spoiler thing is or how it got there.  And I can't Edit so please ignore it!

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

it happened to me once before too. No idea how.

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

Happy Birthday! Kalex.

<3 Melissa

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

Stay Strong! the spoiler is added when you click on the little smiley with the hand covering his eye 


lol trust me i know its the worst, my birthday was the first and i literally got everything sent to my email for free food, free everything... but you need to be careful.


most places say free but mean something else, usually its another purchase. so you get there and say what the heck and get 2, 


the only truly things i know of that are free...

the sephora code for the free benefit mini's.

dennys grand slam breakfast on your bday morning.

benefit brow bar free service on the week of your bday.

but thats pretty much it.


i suggest for discounts you wait until your birthday is over, see if anyone gets you gift cards or anything like that so you don't waste your money when you could have spent theirs!


lol goodluck!

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

@annonymous1 - My Dad's birthday was the 1st too.  Good day!


Thanks for reminding me about the Benefit Free brow service!  It's been a couple of months so I'm due to go back.  Need to book an appointment!

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

My birthday is on the 12th so I'll be right there with you kalex *sigh* but it will be worth it! I love food and shopping.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

Get % off and get X with $Y purchase are not free, and they are offered many times through out the year so rest assured you are not missing out. If they are truly free, well, no harm in getting them. =P


LOL, I've always wondered about the empty spoiler tags. Pffft, the smiley always look like pancake with a dollop of whipped cream to me. Hmmmm....maybe I'm gonna go get a dessert...

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

I am so glad I am not the only one who though the spoiler tag looked like a pancake!  That button bugs the heck out of me! lol.

Re: Going to get fat and go broke! :)

It is your birthday, so you deserve to treat yourself, but no one wants to go overboard.  Instead of going for the free food offers, you can always stick with the classic birthday cake.  No one is ever too old for birthday cake lol.  Although it is still not healthy (but it's good for the soul!), it is probably better than various food offers and whatnot at restaurants.  You can also share cake with family and friends.  No one turns down a slice of cake! lol.


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