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Going Against the Grain: Products Others Rave Over, You Don't

Alright, this is a thread that I've thought about starting for a long time but have been trying to consider how best to approach it without starting a flame war or offending anyone.


Disclaimer: this thread is not for people who love these products to try to convince those who don't love their favorites that they're wrong, to try again, etc.  Trying to make anyone feel bad for their opinion will not be tolerated. Nor will "beauty evangelizing." Likewise, please remain polite when you talk about the products you just don't like.


So, what products do you go against the beauty grain?  What are those consensus favorites that you just don't like?


I'll start.


I'm just not a fan of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I know they're widely considered a HG product and everyone "has to have them!".  I understand why they're considered a value from an intellectual perspective.  But I don't own any of them, and won't. I often bite my tongue because they seem to be the only answer repeated thread and after thread.

Re: Going Against the Grain: Products Others Rave Over, You Don't

I agree with the UD Naked Palettes.  I bought them because everyone was raving about them but I can't wear the mattes and the ones I can use are so shimmery, I can't manage more that two at a time. I thought Naked 2 would be better but they're more cool shades and don't go well with me.   I prefer the Black palette.  It's all different tinted blacks. 


Givenchy's Mascaras... I have problems every

time I use it.  I got it as a deluxe sample and I just ended up throwing it out because it flaked and clumped.


Any Avon skincare.  I tried to go cheap with my skincare and I suffered!  I would break out even on the acne line.  I tried them for 2 months and it was just getting worse so I went to Clinique and that didn't help either so I went to Murad and that has helped tremendously. 


Kat Von D's Love and Fury Palette... It had cream eyeshadows that dried up not even a couple of months after purchasing it.  Love Kat, not her cream shadows.  Also, some of her palettes aren't too stable.  I have 2 where some of the colors have cracked and that's just after light wear.  The newer palettes I've been having more luck with.  Maybe it was the formulation.  It seemed to be the silver/white based ones that I had a problem with.


Any mineral make up...  It separates on my skin and looks like a mask.  Even using primer.  Hate mineral makeup.  Everytime I go to Sephora, they ask me if I want to try it.  I try to explain that I have very oily skin but they keep pushing it on me.  Not a fan. 


UD Naked foundation...  It's too chaulky on my skin.  I went with 7.0 and it looked like a horrible mask.  Then I went 8.0 and it was too dark.  7.5 has the wrong undertones so I'm stuck.  I've never found UD to make great foundations and concealers for deeper skin tones.  I usually just stick to eyeshadows, base and lip pencils and eyeliners with them.  I do miss their funky colors though...  Now everything is about Naked with them.  I miss their frosty blue lipsticks, LOL!


Re: Going Against the Grain: Products Others Rave Over, You Don't

My aunt used to sell Avon products and says even she doesn't use the products...

Re: Going Against the Grain: Products Others Rave Over, You Don't

Benefit's "They're Real" Mascara.  Ugh!  The tip of the wand is METAL.  Do I need to say more?


Philosophy skin care: I've only EVER had 1 true allergic reaction to a cosmetic product and that was Maybelline's Great Last Mascara when I was in high school.  Actually 2 reactions: The second was to Clinique's Sunless Tanning Lotion.  Both in high school.  I think Philosophy may have ingredients that work, but every single thing I've tried has made my skin either itch (reaction) or feel slapped (reaction).


Bobbi Brown color products: Plain and simple, they are overpriced.  Color range good, but the quality is extremely similar to Clinique, Benefit.

Re: Going Against the Grain: Products Others Rave Over, You Don't

Not trying to protest your hatred of They're Real, but the wand is all plastic, not metal.

Re: Going Against the Grain: Products Others Rave Over, You Don't

Benefit in general!  I am just not a fan of the brand.

Re: Going Against the Grain: Products Others Rave Over, You Don't

Kat Von D's Tattoo Foundation - i love a full coverage foundation, but this one just looks cakey, doesn't last long, and every shade I have tried has oxidized very badly, making it look either unnaturally orange or pink on my skin.  Not pretty!


Urban Decays 24/7 concealer - i have been on the hunt for a great concealer for blemishes and tried this one after seeing great reviews.  for me, it had hardly any coverage, was very greasy and didn;t stay put for more than 30 mins.


Benefits Prefessional - i have large pores and am alwayslooking for a good primer to help disguise them.  I tried this primer because EVERYONE loves it, but it just didn;t seem to do anything at all for my skin.  couldn;t even tell a difference when I used it.

Re: Going Against the Grain: Products Others Rave Over, You Don't

I've got a couple of things I can't stand, mainly because I react to them.  With very fair skin, it's usually very obvious when I do.


Dior mascaras:  make my eyes itch and water.  Last time was an allergic reaction to it.  NOT COOL.  I couldn't wear eye makeup for a couple of days.


Purity cleanser: took makeup off well, but my face felt really tight afterward, even after moisturizer, and made my face start to break out (usually I never break out.  Ever.  I have good genes to thank for that!)


BB AND CC creams: they do not spread easily or do not blend into the skin like they should and look more like a mask than any foundation I have tried

Re: Going Against the Grain: Products Others Rave Over, You Don't

I don't like the Philosophy brand as a whole----their skincare irritates my skin, their bodywashes dry my skin out like nothing else.....I tried to give them another shot by buying one of their nailpolishes pretty recently and it stained my nails even though it was a very soft pink color that needed many layers to be opaque.....just not for me.


Benefit Benetint-----Overall, I'm a benefit girl. Love most of their items, especially their creaseless cream shadows and boxed powders. But I am not a fan of liquid rouge or this nailpolish style packaging. On cheeks it really does look lovely, but its a mess to apply and stains my fingers. On the lips, its terribly drying, goes on streaky and uneven and has a very unpleasant bitter taste if you accedently lick your lips.


Re: Going Against the Grain: Products Others Rave Over, You Don't

BB and CC creams seem kinda superfluous, cakey and hard to apply from what I've tried so far. :/  Seems that they're for people who are mad about having freckles/sliiiight discoloration and for the most part even skin.

Re: Going Against the Grain: Products Others Rave Over, You Don't

I have to second this- and people are all "oh well you have to try the REAL ASIAN ONES"  it is specifically the Asian-formulated BB and CC creams that i've tried and HATED.  They are so thick and feel foul and god only knows what's in them.   I actually don't mind that the "fake" american bb and cc creams are thinner/more like tinted mosturizer.  

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