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I just have a quick question. What do you think about the giveaways that a lot of the beauty/makeup/fashion channels on YouTube do?


Do any of you ladies/gents enter them?


Re: Giveaways

I usually enter them knowing I won't win, but just for fun, if the entry into it is basic. I find many of them are just in place so that the person holding the giveaway can get more subscribers/followers/likes because with most giveaways I've seen they make you subscribe to all their channels and like their Facebook page and follow all 12 accounts they have on twitter and Instagram, etc. It gets a little annoying after a while :/

Re: Giveaways

It's kind of whatever to me. Most of the time I don't bother entering if they have too many rules. Ex: Follow them on every social media account or if it's a giveaway with a ton other gurus, you'll need to subscribe to them all to be qualified. Not worth it in my opinion. Back then I would love entering them, but now I don't really care for them at all.

Re: Giveaways

As if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram weren't enough, you now have Keek. *rolls eyes*

Re: Giveaways

I've entered a few.

@sephoralovex I dont like the giveaways where they have you subscribe to a ton of channels either.  I don't even bother.

I could do like one other channel but not a ton... gets to be too much work.

Re: Giveaways

I only enter them if it's easy and quick, you never know what might happen...Smiley Happy Bit if it involves to much extra work, i.e. following on every single media outlet etc. I don't bother, especially when chances of winning are so low anyways.

Re: Giveaways

hahaha...i'll admit! I've entered in a few as well. Only on instagram though. a quick re-post and a little hope never hurt anyone.. Smiley Happy

Re: Giveaways

i don't enter them because its too much work and i know the odds aren't in my favor lol.  I'd rather just go and buy the item if i want it bad enough toconsider opening an instagram, twitter, etc just for a giveaway.

Re: Giveaways

I never go out of my way looking at them. I go on youtube from time to time for beauty advice and product reviews (I like to do a lot of research before I buy something now) and if I see one, I do enter it.

I never have good luck but its fun to enter it if its nothing too complicated. The most I've done is "like the video", "subscribe" (which I always am since I'm already on their channel), and "comment" with whatever their requirements are. If there is more instructions than that, I don't enter.

Re: Giveaways

I don't usually ever think about them so no I never enter them. But I don't think it's a bad thing if people do.

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