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Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I think most people are pretty happy about getting mistaken about being younger. I'm not exactly mad about it, but I always wonder why. I'm sure this will pay off later in life but being 20 and getting mistaken for 13 is amusing.


I went out to eat with my Dad onetime and this guy was cursing at a nearby table. The woman told him to be quiet because there were kids in here. I was the youngest person in there. When I asked her about it she said she thought i was 13 and I laughed. I would say this was only because I was with my Dad but some of my friends have even misplaced my age. They initially guess 16, I guess because I have a car they couldn't assume any younger.



About the only time I've been mistaken as older is when I was 14 and a lifeguard hit on me. He was probably about 18 and I couldn't figure out why he was so interested in a kid. I told him my age and he ran away like Chris Hansen was going to slide down the water slide and arrest him. 


I'm not exactly short (5'7) but I do have a petite frame. I thought this was all quite funny until I realized I often wear dresses, high heels, and makeup. Then I began to wonder if I look like a kid trying hard to dress like an adult. Kind of like when you were little and you put on stuff from your Mom's closet. I'm not sure if I should still find it funny or be horrified. 





Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

This thread has been dead for a while but it happened to me again.


I walked into a bank the other day trying to open up an account. I was asking some questions and the woman asked me how old I was. I knew what had happened and I asked out of curiosity how old she thought I was. The answer I got was 14. 


I've noticed people guess closer to my actual age in the summer. Which I assume is because my outfits are more revealing. The only times I've ever been mistaken for older or my age was guessed accurately I have been wearing swimsuits. I guess that means my body is adult like enough it's just my face then. 

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I have had this problem ever since I left my teens -- people think I am about 10 years younger than I am.  It's genetic (both my parents could easily pass for 10 years younger than they are).  I have a square face, I'm petite, and I have no wrinkles.  So even though I am in my early 30s, people think I'm in my early 20s.  People tell me how lucky I am, bla bla bla, but as a professional, I have to do a lot more to earn people's respect and trust because they automatically assume I am right out of school.  Anyway, that isn't my story.


Probably the funniest example of how seriously young people think I am happened about 10 years ago.  I was in my early 20s and married.  I was traveling with my in-laws cross country and we stayed at a Holiday Inn -- you know, where kids 13 and younger eat free.  At dinner, our waiter (who was probably my age or younger) asked us if we wanted a kids menu.  We all looked around confused, because it was my father in law, mother in law, husband (who is a year older than me) and his siblings, the youngest of which was 16.  Nobody was close to being (or looking) 13 or under.  After getting blank stares, the waitress was like, "you know, for her" and handed me the menu.  Everyone started laughing at the absurdity that a fully grown married woman could be mistaken for someone barely in their teens, when the actual teenagers weren't even mistaken for being 13.  I'll never live that one down!

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

Oh man I hear ya!
I kind of get mad because when I'm at the malls
the lil girls want to pick a fight with me like I am in
there school. I dunno what it is about young girls and wanting to
fight, but I am like uh I'll go to jail if I hit you, not fair.
I am 31 and they think I am 18.
I want to look older and even though I dress more mature
they still think I am 18 Smiley Sad

I really don't like it just because of that.
I got hit on by young boys & I was like I could be your mom
if I got pregnant like my other friends at 13!


Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I forgot about the time a thirty year old guy asked me out. I told him I am almost double your age and his response was but I like you.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I usually get mistaken for someone still in HS....I'm like "Dude, I graduated LONG time ago...I'm 23" I guess it's in my genes, cause my grandma told me no one guessed her right age until she was in her 30's.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I frequently get mistaken for being older. I think it is more my personality than appearance. 

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

So I was walking around on Saturday in the Dollar Store and this older woman is walking by me and smiles really big at me and says, "Well aren't you just the cutest little girl! You're adorable!" Of course I'm smiling and saying thank you, but I'm 21 and was in a full face of makeup. 


Second time I was in Sephora yesterday. My favorite consultant [Christiana in Pentagon, whoot whoot] was working with an older woman in the NARS section talking about blushes. I was making a recommendation as the woman was about my skin tone and she was looking for something that wasn't going to be to noticeable on her. Anyway, instead of giving a response to everything I just said: "You are so cute. Just a little doll!" And again, I'm happy because a compliment is a compliment, but I'm 21 years old. Come on guys. ;_;

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

If that's you in your icon, you're drop dead gorgeous and maybe people feel weird saying that so they call you cute?  Folks are weird.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

That might not be an age thing so much as just all older people (especially grannies) refer to younger people as girls and how cute they are. Older people who know my age still talk to me like that. To them everyone is younger. 

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

When I was 18 years old I was mistaken many times for 12-13 years old. Very embarassing! Today I am close to 60 years old and get mistaken for 35 years old. Do not worry because one day you will have the last laugh.


Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

My husband and I also tend to get carded..not so much at the bars/ liquor stores in our area that we visit more frequently, but more out of town like in Santa Rosa, Healdsburg (though Russian River Brewing is also a restaurant so they'd be foolish NOT to card everyone who doesn't look at least 40+). When we were in Wailea (Maui) we were at Monkeypod and when we presented our IDs the bartender thought we were literally part of a sting. Perhaps he wasn't used to California IDs (I didn't change my name but we have the same address on our IDs), more likely I think I think we dress young/ have a young demeanor. We'll be 32 this year, so I absolutely take it as a compliment. My response is usually "by all means" or "thank you"!


Keep em coming, I love getting carded! Glad to know my skincare routine/ healthy lifestyle is working!

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I'm always getting mistaken for younger, I have a bad habit of really dressing 'comfortably' when I'm not at work (yoga pants, sweatshirts, etc), so it's not much of a surprise when people ask for my ID. Just a few days ago someone ran up and questioned why I wasn't in school, to which I responded with "I have two BA degrees as of 2010...I've been done for years now".


The only time I really get annoyed is when I'm fully dressed up and out with friends, all of whom do not get carded but me. Usually my response is something cheeky like "What 19/20 year old do you know with a good looking half sleeve?" usually the bartenders just laugh. I've even had a few occasions in which I've been accused of having a fake ID! This usually results in being told to smile, asking what my star sign is, how tall I am, etc. It's really quite obnoxious.


I will say this, I'd rather look younger than my age instead of way older. And just remember ladies, when we're in our 40s/50s we'll be mistaken for being in our 30s, which works for me!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I was accused of having a fake ID at Fat Tuesdays in Las Vegas. The bartender went so far as to say that she's going to call security to check out my card and  I told her, "Go ahead, I'll wait right here." Mind you, this is AFTER she scanned my ID and it went through! Luckily I had my old driver's license with my maiden name on it (along with my change of name paper from the DMV), but it was only then that she let me buy a drink (she gave me several extra shots for free to make up for the scene she caused).

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

This summer, I was honestly mistaken for being 14 years old by a peer. And I was 20 at the time, lol.


On my 19th birthday the waitress thought I was turning 16.


At the same time, I've been given alcohol wristbands at events in the past because nobody bothered to check my ID.


I recently turned 21, so that no longer applies, but. It's interesting.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

When I was 13-16, people thought I was older. Sometimes I'd get mistaken for being in my 20's. I actually don't have a guess why.


Now it's even funnier. When I don't wear makeup and am dressed casually, people don't think I'm even 18 yet. I'm 28. I guess it's a good thing, but it can be pretty funny. I think that's why I have such a makeup obsession. I like looking my age.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

Before having kids, I always got mistaken for being much much younger. Now I have dark undereye circles and a much larger bust so I don't get those comments much anymore. We should have a "guess my age" based on a picture you post thread.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

Start it! That would be fun, though I suppose would be easy to hurt someones feelings so on second thought, maybe not... hmm lol

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

Hmmm...that's true. If I promise not to get offended, does anyone want to guess my age? I took this just a few minutes ago on my webcam so it's not very good quality but hopefully it will do. upload_638253498784346443.jpg


Hopefully this will work. I'm 24.


Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I'd say early twenties.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I asked my boyfriend and he said late 20's. So 27 or 28.  

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