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Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I think most people are pretty happy about getting mistaken about being younger. I'm not exactly mad about it, but I always wonder why. I'm sure this will pay off later in life but being 20 and getting mistaken for 13 is amusing.


I went out to eat with my Dad onetime and this guy was cursing at a nearby table. The woman told him to be quiet because there were kids in here. I was the youngest person in there. When I asked her about it she said she thought i was 13 and I laughed. I would say this was only because I was with my Dad but some of my friends have even misplaced my age. They initially guess 16, I guess because I have a car they couldn't assume any younger.



About the only time I've been mistaken as older is when I was 14 and a lifeguard hit on me. He was probably about 18 and I couldn't figure out why he was so interested in a kid. I told him my age and he ran away like Chris Hansen was going to slide down the water slide and arrest him. 


I'm not exactly short (5'7) but I do have a petite frame. I thought this was all quite funny until I realized I often wear dresses, high heels, and makeup. Then I began to wonder if I look like a kid trying hard to dress like an adult. Kind of like when you were little and you put on stuff from your Mom's closet. I'm not sure if I should still find it funny or be horrified. 




Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I get this all the time. I'm 24, but people always think I'm 18/19. I always get asked if I'm even old enough to drink. If I'm not wearing make up then that drops to 16, lol. I guess my young face is something I'll love when I'm older!

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

Hahaha, I'm 31 and get carded still.  At the Sephora in JCPenney by my house, one of the girls I was a cheerleader with my senior year said she knew I was older than her, but I didn't look older than 18!  She then asked my secret (Clinique Laser Focus Repairwear and the matching eye cream or Algenist Lifting/Firming Serum).  Coming from someone I knew, that was SUCH a confidence boost, especially since I had just had Ashley and few months prior.


When I was 28 my mom, younger sister (25) and I went gambling at Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, WA.  My mom and sister walked ahead of me and past security with no problem.  Me?  Security asked to see my ID.  You should've seen the look on my sister's face when they asked me what happened.  You could've possibly seen steam coming out of her ears when she complained that SHE was younger and why didn't they card her?

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I'm 15 and turning 16 this year, and just about everyone I've met thought I looked about 8! (which is ridiculous, because I definitely do not think I look 8!!!!) It's so embarrassing!! Even with makeup on! So adults are like "Aren't you a cutie, being friends with the big kids and all!" :/ Even in my pictures I don't look that young LOL

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

cliché ahead- To those getting mistaken for being younger than they are, enjoy it while it lasts. lol  When I was actually under 18 I was thought to be my age or older, but in my 20's, especially mid to late 20's I was mistaken for younger, as young as high school age *WOOHOO* lol. I love that. Now in my early 30's I'd settle for looking in my early 20's.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I'm 23 almost 24 and people think I'm 13. I cut my hair a while bak and added bangs now people think I'm 16. Plus I think everything I have gotten at sephora has helped me stay youthful looking.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

when i was a little younger, i went to the mall with my mom. she went into a store and i was tired so i sat down and played some games on my ipod. for some weird reason i got these looks from guys and i was approached by these people and they were like "are you in high school" umm no. not even close.... so yeah. im really tall for my age and i tend to have a more "fancy wardrobe" private school. you get judged on a lot. but the girls have to makeup sense. tsk tsk. sorry veered off course.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

 I'm 25 and everybody thinks I'm still 18-19. I guess I should like it but I can't STAND it, especially when it comes to work. I work hard, and want to be seen as a professional, but I'm constantly talked down to even by peers (until they learn my true age -- the difference is night and day and it is really sad.) it also bothers me that people assume I'm too young to be so serious with my boyfriend (oh you guys are only teenagers, you shouldn't be talking about rings yet.) MYOB! Smiley Mad


Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I'm 31. I have two kids. I was in Costco with my younger child (he was three then, I was 30) and had a guy stop me to chew me out for the irresponsibility of being a "teen parent." I was completely baffled and said, "Uh, that's an interesting theory that I don't share but I'm not a teenager." And he responded that I must have been when I had my child and I said, "Not even close, I was 27." Dude wouldn't believe me. My spouse has been clucked at a few times for "being that older guy with a younger woman." Uh, we don't have an age gap - everyone always thinks he's older, though (it must be the salt-and-pepper beard) and I'm younger. He got chewed out once at a movie theater by a woman about "having a girlfriend young enough to be your daughter!" I was 25.

The strange thing, though, is that when I was younger, I was frequently mistaken for being older. I was carded the first time for club entry when I was 23 - no one had ever asked before, so I was kind of surprised. I wound up on a few dates with people that thought I was older than I was and spooked them when I mentioned my age (legal but younger than they thought.) 

Honestly, while being mistaken for being younger can be flattering, it comes with a host of other issues. People aren't particularly nice to people they perceive as younger who drive a newer car, carry a designer purse, look put-together, have kids, have an age-appropriate spouse, want to sign for a loan or mortgage, and a host of other things. People feel entitled to give opinions to younger folks that they have no business giving unasked and if you look younger, you'll get that treatment as well. 

All that said, I'd rather be told I looked a few years older than my age than be asked if I feel well or told I look "tired." The "are you feeling okay" and "you look tired" feel so pitiful! 

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

Exactly! I thought i was the only one who shared these feelings. Constantly, I hear "OMG, you're 25?! I thought you were 17! Well, you'll appreciate it when you're older." It's not all about looks, it's about treating people as equals.

I've even lost out on several jobs because the employer said I looked too young for my age and it would look bad to clients Smiley Sad

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I'm 27 but I always get mistaken for a 16-17 year old. I just recently had my 6-month dental check-up and I was with the new dental hygenist. She was asking me different questions and when I started an answer with: "Me and my husband..." She stopped me dead in my tracks and said: "Your husband?! You're too young to be married!" I said: "I don't know about that... I'm 27." She then squirted water across the room (apparently I shocked her) and said: "No way!" Turns out, I'm several years OLDER than her.

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