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Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I think most people are pretty happy about getting mistaken about being younger. I'm not exactly mad about it, but I always wonder why. I'm sure this will pay off later in life but being 20 and getting mistaken for 13 is amusing.


I went out to eat with my Dad onetime and this guy was cursing at a nearby table. The woman told him to be quiet because there were kids in here. I was the youngest person in there. When I asked her about it she said she thought i was 13 and I laughed. I would say this was only because I was with my Dad but some of my friends have even misplaced my age. They initially guess 16, I guess because I have a car they couldn't assume any younger.



About the only time I've been mistaken as older is when I was 14 and a lifeguard hit on me. He was probably about 18 and I couldn't figure out why he was so interested in a kid. I told him my age and he ran away like Chris Hansen was going to slide down the water slide and arrest him. 


I'm not exactly short (5'7) but I do have a petite frame. I thought this was all quite funny until I realized I often wear dresses, high heels, and makeup. Then I began to wonder if I look like a kid trying hard to dress like an adult. Kind of like when you were little and you put on stuff from your Mom's closet. I'm not sure if I should still find it funny or be horrified. 




Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

You are not alone, neko333. People also mistake me for a 14 year old even when I'm 21. Maybe because I'm 5' and I have a petite frame as well. lol. It's fun but sometimes I want to look more mature than a 14 year old. lol.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

My mom always tell people she's older than she really is so that they'll say "Oh wow, you don't look that age at all!". Lol. Silly mom.


My sister, on the other hand, is 37 and gets mistaken for a 16 year old all the time.


I actually look my age so I don't get those kinda comments too often.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I have the exact opposite problem! I've always been mistaken for being much older (the oldest I've gotten was 24). When I was in high school my friends and I never had any problems getting into college parties (except once when my friend shouted that we were 16...... embarrassing), and even when I went to Vegas over the summer nobody even questioned if I was over 21. I do tend to dress older and have always had a larger chest than people my age though, so I get the confusion. The only time I've been told I look my age is when I have zero makeup on and my hair is up haha, but I'm 19 now so I should start looking my age soon right?!

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

People usually can tell what age I am, just because my face looks young. I swear everyone think that I was 10 if I didn't wear a little bit of makeup though. But trust me, I'm not the "little girl trying to be all grown up" that you all are talking about. I don't overdo it.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

Ironically, when I was a teenager, most people thought I was older than my actual age. Thankfully, once I hit my early 20s I started being mistaken for being younger, and that's continued to this day. I'm now almost 36 and people who don't know me generally guess around 27 or 28. Downside is that if I'm out I generally get approached by guys who are around 25, and I suspect men closer to my own age think I'm a bit too young. But I'll take the young looking face any day 😀

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I ususally get mistaken for 17-18.  I just turned 25 in July.  That is usually when I am wearing more casual clothes that I get mistaken for a high schooler.  My last job I was there for 18 months and I worked with lots of really good looking guys and I always wondered why they would avoid me.  Well come to find out it was because everyone there thought I was in high school and working there as a student assistant.....  Come one people!  If I am wearing business clothes for work most people would then say 21.  I'll take it. 


That Chris Hansen picture is great!!


Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I am 31, and last year I got asked by a saleswoman if I wanted to look at prom dresses. I'm sure I'll be happy about this in like 10 years or something, but right now it's kind of hard to get people to think of you as a serious professional when no one thinks you're out of college.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

Exactly.  I feel like I can't get taken seriously professionally because of how young I look.  I'm 31 and at my last job people thought I was 16 and at the job before that the consensus was 23.  Even if I dress up and wear makeup people think I'm young (and of course when i don't do that people think I'm a man).  I'm sick of people assuming I'm somebody's kid or an intern or something.

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I think this is my frustration too. It isn't that I want to look old, per se, and I understand that when I'm older I'll appreciate this, but in the workplace people don't take you as seriously if you look younger. Smiley Sad

Re: Getting mistaken for being younger/older

I'm 20 and I get mistaken for anywhere from 13-16, but never 20. I have a baby face, I'm short (5'0"), and have a petite frame with muscular parts (I get asked if I work out or do power lifting a lot, the answer is no but I'll take the compliment!).  


The last time something happened though is when I went to a movie with my mom and they gave me a kids toy at the check out counter. I wanted it so I didn't say anything.

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