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Getting Personal

I just wanted to tell you guys how much you help me out.  I suffer from EXTREME Depressive Disorder. I'm actually on Disability for it even though I was able to get a Degree with a Concentration and 2 Minors at NCState and work till I was 30.  This board has helped me to interact with other people instead of going into myself. It''s gotten me to get up, get dressed, AND put makeup on Smiley Wink, and laugh (really hard).  I even got to do something for someone else with TSB and went out to the Post Office twice that day (my parents were in shock I think Smiley Happy  So I just wanted to thank you so much for just being apart of this board because if you wern't on it, it wouldn't be the same!


Re: Getting Personal

i love hearing about your topics on this board. i'm kinda new to this community (only the beauty talk) i think i've been on this site since day 1! probably because i don't want to offend anyone, facebook has been a disaster! but, anyway, i read about you and i see some of the same characterisitcs. i'm actually in the process now of getting disability for my bad way of getting along with people.i've also been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis so with my depression it doesn't make for a good working condition for anyone involved. i really get along better with people online than in person, so i'm giving this a try. i've been on this site since last friday and it all seems good!! iif anyone thinks i've posted a disparaging comment, i haven't,  but, i will say that when i was working, it was with makeup, skincare and haircare, probably 5-10 years. however, i'm not licensed in anything, but i can sell anything! everything i've learned has stuck in my brain and my product knowledge is excellent!

Re: Getting Personal

@chewcifer:  Sorry to hear that you are suffering from depression, too.  And I'm really sorry to hear that you've been diagnosed with MS.  I can understand how that would definitely make your depression worsen.  I think you are very fortunate to have been able to work with makeup/skincare because that was always my dream job since I love makeup/skincare so much.  You've definitely found the right online community to participate in since I'm sure you have a lot of valuable information that you can pass along here on Beauty Talk.  Beauty Talk isn't like any other online community that I've ever experienced.  Everyone on BT is so friendly and helpful.  I don't participate in Facebook and other sites either.  I'm glad you've decided to give BT a try.  I think you'll find it fun and interesting.  Glad you're here!
Smiley Happy

Re: Getting Personal

Smiley Sad  I've been really sad because I had to have my 16 year old kitty put to sleep this past Friday.  Her chest cavity filled full of fluid and the vet said she was going to suffocate to death probably by that night or the next day if left as she was.  Her chest was so filled with fluid (over a pint) that the doctor couldn't even see her heart, but he felt sure that at her age she probably had a tumor causing the fluid buildup and even if we tried draining the fluid off that it would only be a matter of a few days (if even that long) before she filled up with fluid again.  The doctor said she didn't have much time before she wouldn't be comfortable any longer and would start gasping for air so my husband and I decided to let her go before she started suffering.  It was a really heartbreaking thing to do because I thought I was taking her to the vet that day to get some medicine to make her well and bring her back home, not taking her to the vet to say goodbye and bring her home to bury.  As for cats, now I only have my 6 year old kitty left and she is not handling being alone very well so far.  My husband said we'd give her a week or two and if she doesn't start adjusting to being by herself then we may get her a buddy.  Oh well, we'll see how things work out.

Re: Getting Personal

How awesome that all of you are so willing to talk to eachother and share your experiences. The feedback has been so positive. Keep up the good work ladies. YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!

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