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Found my prom dress!!!!!!!! :D

After many days of staying up late with my mom and not finding what I wanted for my prom dress, I finally found it!!!! I was getting really frustrated with the whole ordeal and my younger sister (she's 2 years younger than me) she found what I was looking for in less than 10 minutes. I was gobsmacked, flabbergasted, in awe, you get the picture. It's really pretty, flowy, elegant, sophisticated and classy. It also doesn't have any kind of sparkle which I love because rhinestones are a big trend this prom season and I wanted to go against the trend. I'm not a big fan of super sparkly things. They do catch my eye but i prefer adding them in a tasteful way through small pieces of jewelry. I want to do rose gold jewelry (earrings, bracelets/watch) and clutch with nude platforms. Warm rose golds/bronzes are more flattering on me than regular gold which looks way too yellow against my skin. For make up I was thinking gold eyes and a red lip ( either MAC Ruby Woo or RiRi Woo (if I can get my hands on RiRi))



Prom Dress.jpg 

Re: Found my prom dress!!!!!!!! :D

wow! this dress is really gorgeous!!!

Re: Found my prom dress!!!!!!!! :D

That dress is so elegant and the color is stunning.  I love the way it is cut.  You will turn heads and be gorgeous without having to worry about spilling out of the top.  I hope you have a wonderful time.

Re: Found my prom dress!!!!!!!! :D

@ilovetopurplefy- Please do we would love to see themSmiley Happy

Re: Found my prom dress!!!!!!!! :D

@ilovetopurplefy- Your dress is beautiful and I'm sure you'll look greatSmiley Happy

Re: Found my prom dress!!!!!!!! :D

thanks so much! I'll try to post prom pictures too and what I will use for my make-up, hair and nails Smiley Happy

Re: Found my prom dress!!!!!!!! :D

beautiful and a classic!

?what will you wear to ward off a chill...


On a parting note I would advise from...experience, can you run in your chosen shoes and beware your hem whereabouts in the ladies room.


Have fun!

Re: Found my prom dress!!!!!!!! :D

Thank you! My mom is actually lending me her rose gold shawl to wear over it. she wanted to get me a shrug but I hate them. I feel like they're for little girls.Yes I can run in 5 1/2 inch stilettos haha Smiley Happy. I had to wear them several times to events and my mom would always make me late so I would always run. First few times I rolled and sprained my ankles (I usually prefer flat shoes) and now I can run top speed in them even though it really bad for my feet and the shoes. I'm also having the little loopy thing on the end of my dress that I can slip on my wrist so that the hem isn't dragging in unknown substances in the ladies room, dance floor, outside, etc because what girl wants to discover miscellaneous unknown stains on her dress?

Re: Found my prom dress!!!!!!!! :D

What a gorgeous dress! The color and cut is so pretty and sophisticated. Great choiceSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Found my prom dress!!!!!!!! :D

That is really beautiful! It's a classy dress with a timeless silhouette -- I think you'll definitely be able to re-wear it if you want to! Smiley Very Happy

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