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Finnicky website

This is the wonkiest website I use. Have you ever noticed how many people will start a new post (instead of replying or editing) and start it out by saying, "sorry but it won't let me edit ... or I can't "reply"... (I can't do either just for the record.) Sometimes I can't write reviews either. Once I completely cleared my computer (not just the cookies) and I was able to review. Then the next day I couldn't again, and then despite doing nothing to my computer, I was suddenly able to review again a couple of days later.

Every time someone has a problem we're told to clear our cookies or try a different browser. It's ridiculous. We shouldn't have to do that. Temptalia launched a Swatch Gallery a few weeks back and it wasn't working for me. She messaged me asking what kind of device I was using and what browser. Within a few days the site worked for me. That's one person's (very popular) blog and her "tech guy" - not a major corporation with (I assume) multiple programmers.


Sorry for the rant. This has been bugging me for a long time.

Re: Finnicky website

@kalex- I love the word "wonkiest" I've never heard that before. I'm one of the people your talking about that has to say I can't reply directly and I can't edit and I have to start 2 or 3 more post just to add to one subject that I started before and it's irritating and I have given notice to more than one person on here letting them know it's happening. When I sign it I sign in on the Sephora homepage  and when I click advice I get the "Sorry an unexpected error has occurred with some ticket number saying it has been sent to the development team for investigation, I've seen this error message so many times I could say it in my sleep, anyway for me to get into beauty talk I actually have to go back and click my past history for it to let me in, any other way just gives me the error message. It's very frustrating and I understand where your coming from.Smiley Happy

Re: Finnicky website

I find it very frustrating when I can't directly reply to a comment...also sometimes I am unable to upload pictures.  I always use the desktop computer to access BT and it is newer with Windows 8.  I had the same problems on our older computer...very annoying!!

Re: Finnicky website

Actually, I can jump in... the site works wonderfully from my computer, but I can't hit delete on the ipad or I have to back out of a reply and try all over again.  That's a major glitch with the ipad app- which is up to date.

Re: Finnicky website

I have the same iPad issue!


Re: Finnicky website

@nebel and @starletta8 I just sent you both private messages for a bit more detail on the iPad app. Please check when you can! Smiley Happy 


@kalex we've updated your feedback as a priority and hope this is resolved quickly! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Finnicky website

Thank you for helping us get to the bottom of this!

Re: Finnicky website

Details sent!


It is a recent thing,from my experience. However, it frustrated me Saturday morning since I had a perfect opportunity to kill time...

Re: Finnicky website

It's horrible on the iPad. If you mistype you sometimes end up with insane corrections, etc. It thinks you can copy something but you can't, paste doesn't work, etc. Someone in your IT department could probably try posting just a bit and see how bad it is!

Re: Finnicky website

Hi Kalex, 


Sorry to hear that! We're working on a few things getting sorted out at the moment. What browser are you using and what version? We can forward your information and feedback to our team that works with the developer.



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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