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Finnicky website

This is the wonkiest website I use. Have you ever noticed how many people will start a new post (instead of replying or editing) and start it out by saying, "sorry but it won't let me edit ... or I can't "reply"... (I can't do either just for the record.) Sometimes I can't write reviews either. Once I completely cleared my computer (not just the cookies) and I was able to review. Then the next day I couldn't again, and then despite doing nothing to my computer, I was suddenly able to review again a couple of days later.

Every time someone has a problem we're told to clear our cookies or try a different browser. It's ridiculous. We shouldn't have to do that. Temptalia launched a Swatch Gallery a few weeks back and it wasn't working for me. She messaged me asking what kind of device I was using and what browser. Within a few days the site worked for me. That's one person's (very popular) blog and her "tech guy" - not a major corporation with (I assume) multiple programmers.


Sorry for the rant. This has been bugging me for a long time.

Re: Finnicky website

grrrrrr... now I'm getting "An Unexpected Error has occurred." when trying to comment on some posts. 

I use Chrome & cookies/cache were just cleared Smiley Sad


Re: Finnicky website

@dannyc- I know how ya feel chickie I've been getting that stupid message forever.Smiley Sad

Re: Finnicky website

I just love that you said "wonkiest". Thanks for that : )

Re: Finnicky website

@dannyc and beautylovingirl -  I get that message sometimes too.  It's really weird because clearly we can all reply to some posts... but then why not others?

Re: Finnicky website

I get that error every few days, a few posts at a time.

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