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Finnicky website

This is the wonkiest website I use. Have you ever noticed how many people will start a new post (instead of replying or editing) and start it out by saying, "sorry but it won't let me edit ... or I can't "reply"... (I can't do either just for the record.) Sometimes I can't write reviews either. Once I completely cleared my computer (not just the cookies) and I was able to review. Then the next day I couldn't again, and then despite doing nothing to my computer, I was suddenly able to review again a couple of days later.

Every time someone has a problem we're told to clear our cookies or try a different browser. It's ridiculous. We shouldn't have to do that. Temptalia launched a Swatch Gallery a few weeks back and it wasn't working for me. She messaged me asking what kind of device I was using and what browser. Within a few days the site worked for me. That's one person's (very popular) blog and her "tech guy" - not a major corporation with (I assume) multiple programmers.


Sorry for the rant. This has been bugging me for a long time.

Re: Finnicky website

ipad works mostly, after I turned off the maddeningly annoying spell correction. The one problem I noticed when writing BT post is that, as Im writing, if I tap somewhere else, I cant type anymore until I retract the keyboard and bring it out again.


I havent tried writing reviews, but i can browse the website fine. I'm writing this post on my iPad (thus lack of occasional cap and punctuation), think posting pic is fine, if you can see the pot of rose petal below. image.jpg


Ok, back to comp now. browsing is nice, cant stand writing on ipad tho.

Re: Finnicky website

That photo is stunning actually. Can I ask what you use to take photos?

Re: Finnicky website

Thank you! My iPad actually. The...3?4?...the one with retina display. Soft natural lighting makes everything look pretty. ^.^


It's so much better than my phone, which makes everything look dark and yellow....."vintage" let's just say. =/

Re: Finnicky website

Wow, that is crazy impressive for an iPad! I have the iPad2... I'll have to experiment with taking photos with that. I use my iPhone currently, which doesn't have the greatest quality. Sadly, my digital camera broke a while back and I'm going to have to eventually suck it up and invest in one!

Re: Finnicky website

grrrrrr... now I'm getting "An Unexpected Error has occurred." when trying to comment on some posts. 

I use Chrome & cookies/cache were just cleared Smiley Sad

Re: Finnicky website

@dannyc- I know how ya feel chickie I've been getting that stupid message forever.Smiley Sad

Re: Finnicky website

I just love that you said "wonkiest". Thanks for that : )

Re: Finnicky website

@dannyc and beautylovingirl -  I get that message sometimes too.  It's really weird because clearly we can all reply to some posts... but then why not others?

Re: Finnicky website

I get that error every few days, a few posts at a time.

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