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Finnicky website

This is the wonkiest website I use. Have you ever noticed how many people will start a new post (instead of replying or editing) and start it out by saying, "sorry but it won't let me edit ... or I can't "reply"... (I can't do either just for the record.) Sometimes I can't write reviews either. Once I completely cleared my computer (not just the cookies) and I was able to review. Then the next day I couldn't again, and then despite doing nothing to my computer, I was suddenly able to review again a couple of days later.

Every time someone has a problem we're told to clear our cookies or try a different browser. It's ridiculous. We shouldn't have to do that. Temptalia launched a Swatch Gallery a few weeks back and it wasn't working for me. She messaged me asking what kind of device I was using and what browser. Within a few days the site worked for me. That's one person's (very popular) blog and her "tech guy" - not a major corporation with (I assume) multiple programmers.


Sorry for the rant. This has been bugging me for a long time.

Re: Finnicky website

I'm using Internet Explorer.  Not sure which version but I can ask my husband when he gets home.  I've also tried Google Chrome - I can "reply" when I use that but still wasn't able to review the other day.

Re: Finnicky website

In IE, click on Tools (or the little gear, or the cruller/sun looking thing), then About Internet Explorer. That should tell you the version. =)


ps. that's IE10 for me. If we have different versions yours might look different, but it should be somewhere under tools/options in About or Properties.

Re: Finnicky website

Thank you all for the feedback! This is being looked into and investigated, hopefully to be fixed soon while the problem is found. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Finnicky website

Any chance you have Firefox? IE doesn't work for me either, but I have no issues with Firefox Smiley Happy


As a side note, has anyone had success using the website via iPad or iPhone? Those work terribly for me.

Re: Finnicky website

I can write posts on the iPad, as long as I keep up with its completely crazy corrections.  I cannot copy/paste on it.  I can't add pictures or links because of that.


I can, at least sometimes, enter reviews.  Sometimes it says you can enter reviews regardless.

Re: Finnicky website

Thank you Mafan!


All of those helpful details really help! I've sent your helpful feedback to our IT/mobile department. Thanks so muchSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Finnicky website

Hmm odd. Once in a while I can make it through a post, but if I have to backspace because of an error I made, it frequently won't let me type anything after that. Got to love autocorrect though...


Re: Finnicky website

Thanks beautytester!  I'm using IE 10 as well.

Re: Finnicky website

I can't always review in Safari, i have to go to Firefox. it could be a different version from at home

Re: Finnicky website

@Aviscardi-  If you are using Safari version 5.0 or older, you will need to upgrade to the newest version of Safari to avoid experiencing system issues on Hopefully this will fix your issues. Smiley Happy -Laura

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