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Favorite youtube beauty gurus/vloggers

hey so 

I'm bored

watching random make up videos

because my favorites haven't posted anything recently or I've already seen them. 

I personally love Wayne Goss (who doesn't), Jaclyn Hill, itsjudytime (not her vlog though!), Lauren Curtis, thestylediet(I love the family's vlog as well), vintageortacky, ChloeMorello, charismastar, goldiestarling, and allurabeauty. I know that's a lot but I dunno, I seem to not get annoyed by these people. I feel like some of the others are just well annoying! To each it's own but I'm curious to see who everyone else likes and follows! 

Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite youtube beauty gurus/vloggers

Pearypie! She doesn't post a ton but she's one of my absolute favorites. I like her so much because she's actually a makeup artist (unlike some self proclaimed gurus) and the way she can transform herself or others with makeup is amazing. She isn't super popular on YouTube yet but she has half a million followers on instagram lol Smiley Happy


Re: Favorite youtube beauty gurus/vloggers

Wayne Goss and Lisa Eldridge are my absolute favorites. Both so talented!


Slightly off topic but is anyone else obsessed with the "Empties" videos a lot of YouTubers are doing lately? I always love knowing what products people actually finish and if they would repurchase.

Re: Favorite youtube beauty gurus/vloggers

I'm an absolute YouTube addict... so here goes my list:


Lisa Eldridge

Tanya Burr







Chloe Morello -- I seriously love her. I want to be friends in RL.



FleurDeForce -- although with how much she checks herself out in the camera CONSTANTLY I find her videos end up bothering me a lot. But somehow I still like them.




Those are pretty much all my beauty faves. I also love AnneOrShine for her style tastes and CarahAmelie for her hair tutorials (and LetsMakeItup1).


So that's a lot. But my feed is always fresh. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Favorite youtube beauty gurus/vloggers

Chloe is a doll and I like how she noticed that a high percentage of her viewers are Arab and is making videos for Eid Smiley Happy


Re: Favorite youtube beauty gurus/vloggers

Oooh special Eid videos?! I've never watched Chloe's videos but I will def look her up now! 

Re: Favorite youtube beauty gurus/vloggers

i'm adding Chloe Morello on my list. gahddddddd. she's so freaking gorgeousssss! srsly, she can pass up as a VS Angel. oh and she kinda looks like Leighton Meester.


i wish i can have her face and bodehhhhh!!


alright, time to hit the gym and stop being lazy with all my skin care rituals. lol. Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite youtube beauty gurus/vloggers

haha thanks for reminding me about the gym! I almost forgot >.>

Re: Favorite youtube beauty gurus/vloggers

Lisa Eldridge is brilliant - her videos are professional quality, she gets right to the instruction (no endless yapping), tells you exactly the products she is using, and has the best accent.  Love her.

Re: Favorite youtube beauty gurus/vloggers

She's so classy!

Re: Favorite youtube beauty gurus/vloggers

I used to watch a lot of JuicyStar07 but over the past couple of years her videos have become just advertising products that companies are paying her to make videos about :/ 
My new favorite is Leighannsays. She's so real and entertaining - Her personality is so likeable! 

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