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Favorite stuffed animal

Does any one still have stuffed animals? I have a bunch still being young, but my fave is a huge bear that was bigger than me for most of my life, being 3 and a half feet. We also have a familly stuffed penguin

named Gino Penguino.

We found him in canada, and snuck him across the border. since then he has grown quite a personality. He is Canadian, with a thick french accent, and is quite a webkinz-izer. Definatly a flirt. Our Dog is quite opposed to him. In the years following his crossing he has yearned for a girlfriend of his own kind, and our mission back to the store proved ineffective to find one. he is OK. He has made friends with our mute Build a bear.


Anyone have any plush besties?


~~We are all beautiful~~


Re: Favorite stuffed animal

Yes, Build-A-Bear totally did change our lives. My fave stuffed animal is my bunny that I've had since I was 3(obviously from Build-A-Bear workshop). She's so sweet.

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

I have a ton of stuffed animals still left from my childhood. Probably more than a 25 year old should (but I'm not a hoarder lol).


My favorite one is a white rabbit from when I was born.

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

I had tons of stuffed animals when I was younger, and I still have a great deal of them. Of all of these, my favorite was probably my Love-a-Lot bear (a Care Bear). Honestly, though, I was too attached to my baby blanket to have an absolute favorite stuffed animal -- that's really what went with me everywhere (I still have it, of course -- no judgment!).

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

I love stuffed animals!!  Smiley Very Happy  That's one thing I'll never outgrow.  Most of them are in my room at home, but I have some of them with me at my off campus apartment.  Many of them do have sentimental value, such as the Smokey dog my dad won for me on my very first trip to Dollywood, the sock monkey one of my great aunts made, and the ones from my boyfriend as Valentine's Day gifts. 


I saw the cutest Easter stuff animal set at Krogers.  It's a 4 pack of Peeps bunnies or chicks.  Too cute! 

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

@bridalwreath: Off topic, but I have *always* wanted to go to Mackinac Island. Ever since I saw the movie Somewhere In Time as a little kid, I've been dying to go to the Grand Hotel. 🙂

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

Growing up I had a TON of stuffed animals. Although may of them have come and gone there are a few stragglers that are still around. I have a plastic container filled with my beanie babies, a huge fedex bunny that I've had since I was a toddler, a Victoria's Secret Pink dog, and a giant stuffed sting ray (which my boyfriend got me).


My favorite stuffed animal was my unicorn pillow pet, which my good friend got me because she knows I like unicorns. I loved that it doubled as a pillow, so cute! Unfortunately my dog decided to chew it's horn off, so it's no longer around Smiley Sad

Whimsically yours,

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

My fav stuffed animal was my strawberry shortcake doll but she got lost in the's funny bc I can still recall her faint strawberry smell. I miss her. They don't make them like the used to in the 80's

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

Re Katie - I went to Mackinac Island on vacation with my parents when I was teenager but I have never seen that movie.  Now I feel like I'm missing something!


Re Makeupobsessed - I had a baby Strawberry Shortcake doll that blew strawberry scented kisses when you squeezed her.  I could kick myself for not keeping some of those toys!


Does anyone else who grew up in the 80's remember Q-bert?  I got a stuffed Q-bert when I was 5 and carried him everywhere with me.  I still have him. 

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

@kalex: Rent it sometime if you can! It's early-80s kind-of-cheesy gloriousness with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve...basically he goes back in time to be with her. Anyway, I fell in love with the hotel as a little kid because I really wanted to be Victorian and probably thought I was (although to be accurate, I guess the movie took place in the Edwardian era :P. Either way, I wanted to live in another time! :)) Also, I DO remember Q-bert (just googled him) and I think I thought he was a Snork! Not at all the same thing...I didn't have a stuffed one, but I do still have the few stuffed animals I managed to squirrel away during my mom's cleaning episodes (she got rid of everything when I was in college -- she regrets it now, I think!).


@makeupobsessed: I know, I really feel like our toys were just that much more awesome...I realize this is probably biased, but I think it's true! If I ever have children, their toys are all coming from eBay. (jk...kind of.)

Re: Favorite stuffed animal



 @katie1724 - I just happened upon this thread and was kinda breezing through it when I saw the words

'80's' - 'Jane Seymour' - 'Christopher Reeve'  -- I TOTALLY flipped!!!


HeartHeart Somewhere in Time HeartHeart


Arguably one of my favorite movies of all time! I LOVE it. She was so gorgeous it in.  I have the soundtrack to the movie, it is one of the most beautiful collections of music I've ever heard. I've given it to several friends as a gift (the CD of Soundtrack) one who had terminal cancer - though only in her 30's and another who was quite elderly & in failing health. They both said it helped them and I hope it did. The music always soothes me, transports me, just does wonderful things for my heart, mind,body & soul. It's really helped me to decompress during some bad times. I usually just lay down, close my eyes and breathe. Parts of the soundtrack are often used in figure skating routines - the career I only wish I had.


When my niece was about to turn a year old my brother and sister-in-law were putting together a time capsule for her and asked everyone to choose 1 or 2 items that meant something to us and that we would like to pass along and introduce my niece to in later years. My picks were:


-Somewhere In Time - Soundtrack

-The Hiding Place - a book by Corrie Ten Boom


The Hiding Place is the most amazing book I've ever read. It's hard to give a short synopsis. It was her true life story, set in WWII - her family helped to hide Jews and others being persecuted by the **bleep**'s and smuggle them to safety. Someone turned them in and they were all sent to concentration camps. They did not all survive. There were some undeniable miracles that took place in her life - can't begin to describe. It's not preachy, preachy, uber-religious. It is just beyond words. +++++++


*****I feel so strongly about this book, I would pay people money to read this!! I hope and pray that if no other post of mine is ever read, as long as this one is I will be a happy, happy woman. I hope anyone/everyone will go out and buy this or get your hands on it somehow. Heck, send me a private message and I will buy it & mail it to you. I am not even kidding. If you buy it and don't like it....send me a private message and I will send you a check to pay for it. I am not even kidding about that either. Unfortunately, I can't do much to give you back the time you spend reading it, I like to think it will be worth it to all who read it. Anyone I know who has read it has loved it.


You do not have to be religious or of any certain religion to read this and (I think) love it. (I'm Catholic, not that is really makes a difference, and I hate to admit I've not been going to church, yes, I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, hope HE understands - or SHE - depending on your beliefs)


+++++++I hit preview and noticed that a word in 'The Hiding Place' 1st paragraph was 'bleeped' I guess it's a bad/offensive word, it starts with the letter "N" - 5 letters -  Maybe saying it rhymes with or looks the best way of saying it. Hope this did not offend ANYONE, not meant that way at all. I promise.


Thanks to all who read this, maybe you can get others to. I don't like to talk about, push, make anyone uncomfortable or turn anyone off with religious 'stuff' I don't like it when it's done to me. I hope noone feels that way.


Let me know your feelings either way, good, bad or indifferent. I opened this up so, I have to accept responsibility if it affected anyone in any negative way. Hope it didn't. If you knew me you'd know I'm not like that all. I'm very non-confrontational. Thanks everyone.....don't know what else to say. There's no smiley face for this, nothing for don't hate me - I mean well.


This started off so simple, just an OMG my fave movie & music. What the heck happened? If I get 'timed out'  because of the length of this post I'll know it wasn't meant to be.

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

My favorite stuffed animal has got to be my Grover from Sesame Street.  I can't remember when I got him (I was that young at the time), but I do remember that when his arm came off, my mom was able to save him and sew it right back on.  I slept with him for YEARS.  Other favorite stuffed animals I have are a large bear my mom's best friend made for me before I was even born (I have baby pictures with him in the crib or the little rocking chair I used to have) and a little pink stuffed dog that I bought for Alyssa when she was born.  That dog sits on my bed now, but it was in her isolette in the NICU with her the whole time and right after she passed away I slept with it in my arms for months afterward since it was kind of a type of comfort.

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

Some of  my more recent faves are:


Elmo.....I LOVE ME SOME ELMO!!!!! It was my nephews first word and I got him a cute little denim jacket with Elmo on it. Gosh, the way he used to say Elmo...I miss that time. Of course, Tickle Me Elmo is the greatest and I love Elmo's voice whenever he's a guest on a talk show or something (sounds dumb, You probably get my meaning)


Bananas in Pajamas were also a big one, we had a big one that sang the 'Bananas in Pajamas" song but it broke Smiley Sad


Heart Mr Winkle Heart - modeled after a real dog. He had calendars, toys & some other different things. His story is beautiful - sad but then happy. You can no doubt look him up. I can give you a little info if anyone's interested. He is the sweetest little thing, ever.


@waterbaby1981 -beautiful, sad, sweet. sorrySmiley Sad

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

OMG!! Bananas in Pajamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just laughed so hard. I loved that show, even though I was a little old for it.

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

Hey lowrah - I know, Bananas in Pajamas rocked! The funniest was when a guy I went to school with (a number of years before) was driving me home after a visit with his family, I'm friends with his wife, and he just busted out into song, the Bananas theme song, I can't tell you how hard I laughedSmiley Very Happy and he was always super cool so that made it even better.


I'm also too old for 'B's in P's' nice to know I'm not alone. Any other faves? Thanks and have a great night.

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

I loved the pound puppy cartoon, and ReBoot. Nobody I know has ever heard of either of them even though now some channel plays Pound Puppies during the day (I don't have cable but my parents do and I babysat my niece over there and made her watch it, lol) and ReBoot is on netflix. It's a nerdy show, but I was obsessed with it.



And Gumby, ah good ol' Gumby. I have Gumby earrings, lol.


Garfield & Friends was a good'in..


While watching my niece, I discovered Hello Kitty's Theatre show (not sure that's the right name) and it was hilarious. HK does plots from movies, like Star Wars.


Bump in the Night too!

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

@lowrah - I have heard of Pound Puppies, think they even had a line of stuffed animals, didn't they? Not familiar with Reboot.


As for Gumby....I simply love him. We watched Gumby videos constantly with my nephew, at the time I wanted to adopt a Dachsund and Gumby had a Dachshund called "Low Belly" What a great name, remember him? Anyhow I recruited my nephew to beg my parents for a 'low belly' whenever he was at the house. Afterall, who could say no to their sweet little 2 year old grandchild?? Apparently, my parents, that's who. Do you remember the sketch on SNL that Eddie Murphy did? he was Gumby, funny as heck. Didn't see it in first run, saw it when they started airing re-runs in syndication. Hilarious Smiley LOL Smiley LOL


Love Garfield, reminds me of a guy Heart  and also of the big, honkin Garfield slippers I owned 4 pairs of.


Don't think I ever heard of the HK Theatre show or anything like it. That sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Don't know Bump in the Night, although it does sound a little familiar.


I loved Gizmo (from Gremlins)

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

Bananas in Pajamas?  When was that on?  I don't know that show... I'll have to look it up on Youtube. 


Speaking of children's shows though,one of my favorites (early/mid 80's) was this show called "Today's Special".  It took place in a children's department store and there was this mannequin named Jeff who came to life with a special hat.  Another fave, I can't think of the name, was with Bill Cosby and a marker (named Mortimer I think) that made little beepy noises.

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

@kalex - Bananas in Pajamas was from England and I'd say it aired here around 1995-1996. Two Ginormous Bananas in striped pajamas with English accents, called B1 and B2. I never really saw many episodes, it was just the song that a bunch of us were hung up on. You'll have to look that up on youtube. Some of the words were:


Bananas in Pajamas are coming down the stairs.  Bananas in Pajamas are coming down in pairs. Bananas in Pajamas are chasing teddy bears..........


I won't tell you the last line, it took us forever to figure out what they were saying. Afraid I'll lose track of this thread, you can PM me and let me know if you saw it and what you think the words are. Should be fun. Silly, but fun.


I'm not familiar with those 2 shows, pretty much anything with Bill Cosby works for me.

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

Ok, I looked it up.  Bananas in Pajamas came to the US when I was 15 according to Wiki. Explains why I don't know it.  Now I feel old!  I can see the appeal of that show though - it's just silly.   I think my kids would like it!

Re: Favorite stuffed animal

@kalex - you're not that old, don't sweat it yet. I also love Wallace & Gromit. They were clay-mation shorts that I'm pretty positive won 1 or more Oscars for short film in the 90's. There were a few different shorts all very clever, very funny, worth taking a look at. We literally wore out the videos  (oh shoot, I'm oldSmiley Sad) It's amazing talented and imaginative they are and how much time it takes to make them.Our whole family loved them.

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