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Favorite part of your day

I was just sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee and scrolling through the threads and I realized that is my favorite part of the day.  My first cup of coffee and reading (blogs, newspaper, or emails depending)!


What's yours?  A morning shower... a cup of tea before bed? 


Re: Favorite part of your day

I second that!!!!  Nap time and bed time are the best times! Hahaha

Re: Favorite part of your day

ohhh I forgot bedtime. Yes after bedtime is nice too Smiley Happy


Re: Favorite part of your day

My favorite part of the day has always been in the morning, before leaving to school, my mom always kisses my cheek and says "May God bless you." I remember this vividly from my childhood & it always puts a smile on my face. She still does this and now that I'm graduating college, I'm going to miss that!

Re: Favorite part of your day

That's awesome!  I have trouble singing Our House by Madness for much the same reason.  That line "Sends them off with a small kiss, she's the one we're going to miss in lots of ways" always makes me tear up.  My mom and I are pretty good friends, but not that close.  She's aged gracefully, but is still considerably older than a lot of moms from this generation, it's kinda sad because I do miss her mostly because she's not nearby and I can't see her very often, but I suppose it also alleviates a good portion of drama since we butt heads a lot!

Re: Favorite part of your day

I'm not a morning person, so I love the evenings, usually when I have time to read a book with a glass of wine (or catching up with a tv program). Smiley Happy


Re: Favorite part of your day

I think it might just have to be my evening BT time, when I truly unwind from the day.  Sometimes dinner's a little late (hi, tonight) because I'm responding to everything I missed!

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