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Favorite part of your day

I was just sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee and scrolling through the threads and I realized that is my favorite part of the day.  My first cup of coffee and reading (blogs, newspaper, or emails depending)!


What's yours?  A morning shower... a cup of tea before bed? 

Re: Favorite part of your day

Great question!! I really love mornings since I'm a morning person but oddly I think one of my favorite times of day is driving home from work in the late afternoon. I'm listening to my favorite radio talk show, wrapped up a day of work and heading home and excited to see my fiance and kitties. Especially Friday rides home because it's the weeeeekend! And like yesterday, it was GORGEOUS outside so I had my windows down driving. Seattle is beautiful right now! Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite part of your day

I love early mornings. I live right by the beach and hear that fog horn all the time- walking my dog outside I can see the Golden Gate Bridge pretty close up (on a nice day!) and I never get tired of that. Smiley Wink plus my otherwise busy neighborhood is SO nice and quiet!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Favorite part of your day

Mine is definitely night after my husband and little boy go to bed because I always stay up later doing something. Just the quiet time after a hectic day is the best.

Re: Favorite part of your day

@makeupobsessed - Yes!  That's a very close second for me (as long as you add in a glass of red wine!)


Re: Favorite part of your day

My Favorite part of the day is washing my face at night! Something about it calms me, and i usually do a Fresh Rose mask every other night or every night! So calming and relaxing. Then i come on Beauty Talk!

Re: Favorite part of your day

Favorite part of the day would probably be getting into bed and watching a movie or something and falling asleep. It has become my routine lately and it's very calming. It's the time where i dont need to think about anything and relax

Re: Favorite part of your day

My favorite part is washing my face in the morning and brushing my teeth. I always like to have a large glass of water in the morning tooSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Favorite part of your day

My favorite part of the morning is when my husband and I first wake up between 5:30 to 6:00 a.m.  A couple of months ago, we did a fast for spiritual reasons, which also included morning prayer.  Even though we ended the fast, we kept rising early just to pray.  We find it is a great way to get our day started because it forces us to sit still and meditate on our blessings.  This calms us before heading to the gym, fixing coffee, grabbing the newspaper or getting the early morning news (which is usually negative).


Re: Favorite part of your day

@missjr- I know I don't even watch the news half the time anymore because it is so negative and depressing. That's when I come here to my happy place!

Re: Favorite part of your day

Yoga in the morning (or evening), acupuncture (usually after work/ weekends), lunchtime walk, time spent with my husband (weather has been nice so time at the park, the beach)..


I guess no particular time of day, first thing in the morning when the effects of the yoga sink in is great...


But BT is definitely the first place I come when I pull up all are like me, I'm sure you have multiple browsers or tabs up so you can multi-task and look at all kinds of products and geek out on them, information, opinions, etc...I also like reading a lot of industry articles from GCI Magazine, Cosmetics & Toiletries, and Cosmetics Design.


I love getting stuff done so being in the moment, looking at products and information, analyzing the information...then wrapping up my day knowing I've completed everything and it's time to go!


And of course, coming home to my cat (if my husband is still at work)!

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