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Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

A fun question from a few days ago regarding favorite makeup tips got me thinking about movies that truly helped me figure out how I wanted to portray myself to the rest of the world. I can cite two specific movie scenes that taught me more than any magazine ever could:


Ferris Beuller's Day Off: the police station scene where Charlie Sheen's character advises Jennifer Grey's character on her eye makeup and what people thought of his own sister's makeup look.


The Breakfast Club: Emilio Estevez's reaction to Ally Sheedy's makeover, or rather makeunder,


What are some of your favorite movies that gave you ideas about makeup or inspired you to try out a certain look? Maybe I'll find some good movies to watch this weekend!

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

Julie Delpy's "no makeup makeup" look in Before Sunset blew my mind. She looked so radiant and beautiful, like she was lit from within.  So natural and effortless...*dreamy sigh*



Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

What about in Princess Diaries. Love that makeover!

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

I love this question. There are 7 movie makeovers that I can think of that are most memorable to me.

1. Sabrina in the 1997 remake of the movie Sabrina with Harrison Ford. She goes from a tomboy/bookworm to a woman that embodies Parisian/ it!

2. Julia Robertfor who went from prostitute to woman of sophistication in Pretty Woman.

3. Lindsay Lohan who metamorphosed from plain Jane to popular girl in mean girls

4. J.Lo who transformed from maid to all couture in maid in Manhattan

5. Nerd to prom queen in She's All That

6. Not a makeover but Robin Given's character Jacqueline in Boomerang was full on head to Toe glamour. It was a huge change compared to her paired down look in real life.

7. Diana Ross in the old classic Mahogany. She goes from poor inner city girl to high fashion model/designer.

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!



Memoirs of a geisha!!!!

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!


Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

For some reason the Hunger Games always comes to mind when I think about movie makeup. I think it's primarily due to the fact that the paper lashes are just SO captivating.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

i really liked this lipstick look from the last Star Wars moviemovie makeup.jpg

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

I don't know why, but I always get a kick out of Charlize Theron putting on her makeup in Young Adult, in an attempt to seduce her now-married high school sweetheart. She has that look on her face that I think we all have sometimes when we do our makeup: "I am arming myself with gorgeousness to impress <insert hot guy's name here>" Smiley Tongue

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

Faye Dunaway killed it in her depiction of Joan Crawford...and kudos need to go to the makeup artist, too! This scene in Mommie Dearest just screams crazy in a hundred different ways.




And we can't forget the "normal" makeup. Smiley Wink



Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

Most likely off the intended topic, but they did a great job on this. Smiley Happy



Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

Actually, it fits the idea of makeup looks we all wanted t try. Who hasn't done the ghoul look and started doing the Thriller dance at a Halloween party?

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

You're right and Thriller makeup was awesome!  Halloween is my most favorite time to pull out the stops with makeup.  When my son was 8 or 9, he wanted to be Gene Simmons from KISS one year.  I got him a cheap black wig and pulled it back with a rubber band.  He let me painstakingly paint his face black and white.  Then we put red food coloring on his tongue.  Poor kid!  Nobody knew who he was unless we went to the door with him!  He wore some black high heeled boots that came up to his knees that we borrowed from an older girl.  He could barely walk but he would not take them off!  He also let me do werewolf makeup the next year. 


It's not a movie, but the makeup in Cats was amazing!

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!


I always remember Cher in Moonstruck. The scene where she walks down the stairs at the opera after being transformed into this gorgeous woman was great. Her makeup was so amazing; I still remember it after all these years!

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

Oh most definitely! I love Cher's look: hair, eyebrows, lipstick, so 80's glam!

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

Oh Moonstruck is one of my all-time favorite movies. I didn't hurt that Nicky Cage was in it, either!

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

I actually went out and bought the lip color she's wearing. i remember it wasn't a lipstick but a powder "stain" that came in a compact  like a single eye shadow. I wish I could remember who put it out. It may have been Chanel, I'm not sure but I do remember I bought it at Macy's. It was supposed to be the next big thing in lip color and anyone who saw Cher in the movie wanted it, but I don't think it was very comfortable to wear if I remember correctly.

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

Miss Congeniality was hilarious and though it wasn't stellar on make up tips (aside from Michael Caine saying funny quips like "Eyebrows, there should be two!"), it was a great movie that showcased a transformation not just in looks but in Sandra Bullock's character and how she viewed the pageant girls.





There was also some great motivational lines from Michael Caine! Smiley Tongue

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

I really do want World Peace!!!!! >(8D) 

Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!


Re: Favorite movie scenes about makeup!

Omg @lylysa!! Your post always have me cracking up!! Miss congeniality is one of my favorite movies!!! And that part always is soooo funny!

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