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Favorite beauty magazine/book?

The arrival of Allure magazine is such a high point of my month! It's packed with beauty and fashion information and how-tos as well as product reviews. I also like Elle and Bazaar for their fashion news.

What's your favorite beauty information source? (BeautyTalk is a given, of course Smiley Happy )

Re: Favorite beauty magazine/book?

I'm an Allure fan! I love it's mix of beauty plus fashion mixed with health and bargain buys!


Every once in a while I like to browse the magazine section of larger book stores and look at the French version of Photo Magazine or see if I can find some obscure high fashion magazine that's covered in couture wear. I love the photography and design!

Re: Favorite beauty magazine/book?

Glamour, Allure, and TONS of different beauty blogs. I don't really have one favorite beauty book. Making Faces is a good one, I also really like Style A To Zoe (which is just an overall fabulous lifestyle book too). I really want Lauren Conrad's new Beauty book, I really enjoyed her Style book, so I imagine that the beauty book is just as fantastic.




Whimsically yours,

Re: Favorite beauty magazine/book?

I read Beauty Talk more than anything else lol.  I was reading some blogs, but school has slowed that down a lot.  My granny, for whatever reason, receives Lucky magazine and she gives it to me.  I like flipping through it and reading the articles that catch my eye. 

Re: Favorite beauty magazine/book?

My favorites are Allure, Marie Claire, Elle and Lucky. I used to read Glamour and Cosmo, but I can't stand them anymore. I also read a lot of beauty blogs!

Re: Favorite beauty magazine/book?

I love Allure-I read it cover to cover whenever I get one.  In Style is also a nice magazine, but I only read the beauty section-since In Style magazines tend to be so long, the beauty section is a pretty nice size.  Besides those, Beauty Talk is definitely a great source of information.

Re: Favorite beauty magazine/book?

Hi prettyinpa,


I would have to say that allure is my all time favorite beauty magazine, followed by a close second with Marie Claire,and Elle.Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite beauty magazine/book?

I like Cosmo even though its not always a beauty mag, but I love websites like or the  whey give me ideas to make things or try new make up tips.  There are tons of blogs I like, but too many to name.  

Re: Favorite beauty magazine/book?

For beauty, I like the website Into the Gloss and the blog section of every beauty/fashion magazine. I just love behind-the-scene stuff. For fashion, I like Refinery29 and Who What Wear, but I also love bloggers who dress really well.


I don't read a lot of books on beauty or fashion, but I really like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's book, Influence, and I just read Diane Von Furstenberg: A Signature Life, which was really inspirational.

Re: Favorite beauty magazine/book?

im still kinda young, i love Seventeen XD i also love Allure & Elle, and Seventeen's book The Ultimate Guide to Beauty. So many easy and useful tips and tricks! love love love.

Re: Favorite beauty magazine/book?

Marie Claire is my favorite, but I also love Instyle for beach/airplanes Smiley Very Happy

Re: Favorite beauty magazine/book?

I get my regular dose from BeautyTalk, Refinery29, and Garance Dore.


I buy a magazine every time I'm at the airport because, despite the fact I packed some hw/papers to read for my research, by the time I get to the airport for trip home/back to school/vacation I'm like "....really? you are gonna read that?" So I end up going to the little shop and pick up a copy of Allure, Vogue, InStyle or Elle depending on the featured stories, covergirl and price.


I like tearing pages off the mag and save images for inspiration. In addition to those mags, I subscribed to J. Crew catalog after seeing their genius color/pattern paring in the Christmas catalog. I wear a lot of colors and always feel like bright/colorful make up clashes with my clothe, and the make up they did for the catalog always look so good with bright colors. Case in point:

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