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Favorite Teas

I know we've had tea threads in the past but I wanted to start a new one (I like different teas depending on the season).  Here are two I have been in love with!

photo-196 2.jpg

The white chocolate was an impulse buy, but I'm in love with it. A little almond milk and a spoonful of honey! yummy.


The Healthy Skin tea is great too (gotta love vanilla & cinnamon)!


What teas have you all been loving the past few months?

Re: Favorite Teas

Do I spy a TTSB? Tea Travel Sephora Box? Smiley Tongue

Re: Favorite Teas

Wow, good idea

Re: Favorite Teas

Wow the healthy skin sounds yummy, and if it helps me skin too... awesome Smiley Wink.


So my favorite teas are Numi Teas and Tulsi teas (brand names, though Tulsi is also the name of the herbal supplement IN the tea).  I am really really really sensitive to substances, food additives, etc. so I have to be really careful what I consume - a lot of (even 'natural) flavorings give me serious headaches, and I have to minimalize caffiene intake... so my tea choices/favs reflect this.


Tulsi Rose Tea is my absolute favorite.  Tastes like roses and springtime/summertime to me.  


Other favs are the Numi Tea savory sampler - things like beet tea, carrot curry, tomato mint!  Good for watching calorie intake too, as they satisfy my cravings for something warm, soothing and savory without going for another meal when i don't need it.


I also like Tulsi original, and Numi mint!

Re: Favorite Teas

Mmmmm tea!  I can't have caffeine, so herbal teas are my hot beverage default!  I love something simple like peppermint or chamomile, but some of my favorite herbal blends are ones with citrus and a little sweetness since I don't add milk or sugar!  Right now I am digging Teavana's Citrus Lavendar Sage tea.

Re: Favorite Teas

Urbie, sometimes caffeine makes me jittery and feel like my heart is going crazy (black tea does that to me sometimes too). So I don't drink coffee.

Re: Favorite Teas

I am ridiculously sensitive to caffeine.  Sometimes I have a chocolate heavy dessert and then I am up the entire night bouncing around and terrorizing the dog.

Re: Favorite Teas

The great thing about Starbucks acquiring Teavana- Starbucks gift card is usable there! And I can get stars and free tea...

My roommates call me a tea and coffee lover and know all these "fun facts". I may have unintentionally gotten a roommate addicted to tea and made her get all the tea tools like a matcha whisk (I don't even use this), a tea pot with a mesh strainer included and lots of tea from Teavana. Oops. 

Re: Favorite Teas

though not exactly tea-related...but Starbucks-related...

I did some contracting work for Starbucks at their corporate headquarters...every breakroom was stocked with assorted teas, espresso machine (various dairy products in the fridge), flavored syrups, etc...

I was VERY well caffeinated during my time there but was way I have a breakroom with generic coffee and no espresso machine.. Smiley Sad

Re: Favorite Teas

i have a keurig and an espresso machine in my breakroom, along with assorted teas and coffees, my weight in kcups, tons of flavored syrups, milk, flavored creamers... 


oh, wait. i'm a SAHM. i guess that's just my kitchen Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Favorite Teas

Lol, I thought mannnn they are treating you right.

Re: Favorite Teas

For a while I really got into cast iron tea pots.  They are so pretty.

Now that I am the only One at home that drinks tea, I just brew it by the cup.


If you love tea, I can not recommend the Zojirushi Hot water pot highly enough.  It is in the second picture.

I got mine off of Amazon in the warehouse buys section (I think that is what they call it) in 2010, and it is still going strong.

Re: Favorite Teas



I just cleaned out my Trad Medicinals assorted healthy sampler and my Yogi BedTime Tea boxes last night (Recycling is on tues morning).


I love loose leaf teas (Mountain Rose herbs) although Im not a huge fan of the MRHerbs tea I have pictured. I like their Firefly Chai A LOT.  Too bad their shipping is so $$.

Re: Favorite Teas

Yours is so neat and orderly.  Mine is a mess.

Your cabinets are so pretty white.  

Re: Favorite Teas

the fairytale tea sounds intriguing... and i spy gummy bears Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Favorite Teas

jaimielove, the gummies are treats for Athan when he goes potty in the big boy potty Smiley Happy  but the chocolate in the back of the cabinet is for me!

Re: Favorite Teas

ahh, that just reminded me that i'll probably have to start working on potty training soon Smiley Sad it's nice that you treat yourself for using the big girl potty Smiley Wink 


and whoa random BUT HOLY CRAP I JUST LOOKED OUT MY WINDOW AND IT'S SNOWINGGGGGG! yeah yeah yeah, all of you southerners and east coasters are sick of it, but we've been skipped over here in the PNW Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Favorite Teas

where on earth do you find that white chocolate tea? i must try it Smiley Happy and ooh, cinnamon vanilla! that sounds amazing too Smiley Happy 

Re: Favorite Teas

My favorite tea is brown rice green tea (like the ones you drink in Japanese restaurants). I usually buy them from a tea store called TenRen.



I do not own this image- from ioffer

Re: Favorite Teas

I saw a ton of brown rice green tea the last time I went to my local Japanese market, I was wondering what it tasted like but most likely I've already had a lot of it lol. 

Re: Favorite Teas

My fiance LOVES this stuff.  I like it too, it has a nice toasted flavor to it!

Re: Favorite Teas

I absolutely love the Tazo Passion Fruit Tea!!



I'm sooooo not a Tea person unless it's Sweet Tea! 

But my sister loves this and buys it all the time, so i tried it!!! And it's soooo good. Alittle Lemon Juice and sugar, Ahh! I love to drink this cold during the Summer!

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