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Favorite Starbucks drink?

Visiting a Starbucks for the very first time this weekend! Smiley Happy Any suggestions?

Re: Favorite Starbucks drink?

First time? Wow! I like coffee, but when it comes to Starbucks, it's non-coffee drinks I tend to get. I am a Tazo Passion Iced Tea Lemonade addict (which I can now make at home because you can buy the iced tea bags!). And this summer I fell in love with the Valencia Orange Refresher - it has green coffee (unroasted beans) extract, so it does have a nice caffeine boost, but no coffee flavor.



Re: Favorite Starbucks drink?

Venti Mocha Frappuchino

2 extra shots of expresso

1 pump raspberry syrup

Tastes just like Ghiradhelli Dark Chocolate squares with Raspberrry filling.  mmmmm.

Re: Favorite Starbucks drink?

Re: Favorite Starbucks drink?

HECK YES for the GoT's reference!


Nights watch coffee by bomdesignz


In response to the thread, my usual is an upside down caramel macchiato for a warm drink. For cold it's normally a black tea lemonade. During the holidays I'll do the pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha every now and then, but I'm an avid fan of the sea salt hot chocolate!

Re: Favorite Starbucks drink?

I forgot all about the tea lemonade!  Those are fantastic. Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Starbucks drink?

Mmmhmmm! I used to get the passion tea and lemonade mix, but prefer the more mellow flavor of the black.


The lemonade makes it sweet enough for me to where I don't need them to add syrup to it.

Re: Favorite Starbucks drink?

Me either. I love the passion tea & have at least 2 boxes of it in my tea stash. Whenever I get sick, I end up drinking it quite a bit. 

Re: Favorite Starbucks drink?

I feel the caramel macchiato and caramel frappucino are the quintessential Starbucks drinks, though the seasonal drinks are always nice (even if the pumpkin spiced latte seems to change minutely from year to year).


If you want fun and can do a cold drink at this time of year ...

Venti vanilla bean frappe with 3 pumps of the frap coffee and 3 shots of espresso, caramel swirl, and topped with chocolate whipped cream (which must also have caramel) - go for all coffee if you want the caffeine but the espresso gives it the coffee flavour boost, which I prefer unless it's dead summer when too much coffee flavour is just too much


But the salted caramel mocha with an extra shot or two is nice, too - the extra shot to cancel out the extra sweetness.


Re: Favorite Starbucks drink?

IT'S RED CUP SEASOOOON! Aka when Starbucks breaks out the infamous red holiday cups, far too early in the season this time in my opinion. I love the red cups and I think this year's are super classy/elegant but seriously, Halloween just happened.



My personal favorite is the venti no whip peppermint mocha! Starbucks has it as a seasonal drink but it's not, you can order it at any time. I am also super fond of the pumpkin spice latte which is limited edition and is probably going to disappear from menus soon! As for cold drinks, I really like an iced venti 2 pump classic green tea. It's less sweet as a regular venti iced tea has 6 pumps of classic, which is their syrup. Another iced tea/summer time fav is the iced venti 2 pump raspberry green tea lemonade! 


Hope you like your first drink!

Re: Favorite Starbucks drink?

YYYAYYY I love the red cups! It always reminds me of the kick off to the holidays.

<3 Melissa
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