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Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

Whats your favorite ice cream flavors and toppings? I love ice cream a lot!!! There's a creamery in the dining hall here at school so I get ice cream 1-2x a week (  I work out a lot though). My favorites are:


1. Rainbow sherbet with rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate chips


If rainbow sherbet isn't available,


2. Vanilla with M&Ms, Reese's pieces, rainbow sprinkles, caramel,  and whipped cream

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

A trip to the Berky Creamery is on my bucket list. I heard the wait could be an hour long. When Emerils Chophouse at the Sands first opened they did offer ice cream from there but I guess I am going to have to drive there once the weather gets warm. The Berky Creamery is the ice cream store at Penn State in State College Pa.

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

Oh and this doesn't entirely count as ice cream but if you haven't had mochi you must check it out.

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

Haagen Daz used to make a honey flavor I was obsessed with. Maybe it's still in theirships, I don't know.


As for grocery store - Stephen Colbert Americone Dream from Ben and Jerry's. It's got chocolate covered waffle cones in it and caramel. I also like BJ triple caramel chunk and their LE key lime pie flavor that has meringue and graham crackers in it. Oh and the I think Haagen Daz gelato dulce caramel flavor is amazing. I love caramel swirls in vanilla.


They call the ice cream at my university "ice milk" haha. I've graduated but I still miss my ny cheesecake ice milk.

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

Oh man, my undergrad had the most amazing home made ice cream with fresh real whipped cream.  I love ice cream, but the real homemade whipped cream is the best part.  Drool.  I like chocolate and peanut butter or chocolate chip cookie dough.  Or anything, frankly.

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

Rocky Road is all I need. I don't care for a bunch of stuff all over my ice cream.

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

I forgot to mention toppings. Warm hot fudge is always welcome. Chocolate sauce like a Bosco drizzled is delicious. Peanut butter sauce with Reese's peanut butter cups and Reese's peanut butter pieces. This must be topped with whipped cream. By the way I love anything peanut butter. In elementary school my nickname was peanut butter jar because the other kids told me that my mom would put a jar of peanut butter on my sandwiches. I am getting hungry just typing this! Must stay away from this. My weight loss has been 35 pounds so far. Just ordered new uniforms for my job in 6 petite. I should reach my goal weight hopefully around Memorial Day 2014 if I watch what I eat.

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

My favorite is mint chocolate chip, which I can no longer have in the house because my husband gets sick whenever he smells anything minty (let's not talk about the gross cinnamon toothpaste I have to use now). I do indulge whenever he's away on business trips though Smiley Wink

I also love chocolate peanut butter. Not a huge fan of toppings, though I do love my soft-serve cones rolled in rainbow sprinkles Smiley Happy

I miss my college's dining room ice cream machine. And the free gym, just to throw that in there to ease my guilt.

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

Ice Cream my favorite! There are too many favorites. For supermarket it would be hands down Turkey Hill. My favorite flavors are Tin Roof Sundae and Birthday Cake. I enjoy peanut butter gelato if fresh. A good vanilla soft serve custard cone reminds me of a Summer day. My son brought me to Morellis in Atlanta and I had a cone with Elvis (peanut butter and banana) I thought it was one of the most delicious ice cream cones that I had. my coworkers tell me that I define any city that I have visited by the food.

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

I just had Blue Bell ice cream this summer for the first time and WOW it is good. At first I got vanilla and that was super. Just simple ole vanilla tasted so great.

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

Bluebells Christmas cookie I think they only sell this in Texas but I could be wrong

or Marble Slab birthday cake ice cream with cookie dough Oreos and fudge

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

I have some top ones, but no favorites


Mint and chocolate cookie


Green Tea

The exclusive to PAX 2013 Ben & Jerry's Skyrim flavor + wooden spoon (couldn't place the flavor, but darn it was good!  Or maybe it was just the heatstroke coming on from being in line so long.  Either way, delicious!)

...Put most things besides strawberry or triple chocolate in front of me and I'll eat it Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

rum raisin or peppermint


Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

Mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream and it goes fantastically with chocolate or caramel on top.


2nd fave is peppermint ice cream. It has little bits of peppermint candy in there but I like to crush up even more peppermint candies (we always have a huge bag of them at my house) and throw them in there.

Red hots can also be used for a different effect. Smiley Wink

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

Ice cream is one of my favorite foods! My sundae pick is: one scoop of cherry, one scoop of strawberry, hot caramel, strawberry toppings, and whipped cream.


I also really love exotic flavors like thai ice tea, lavender, etc.


My favorite ice cream brands are Mitchell's (which is in San Francisco) and Lappert's (which is in Hawaii).

Whimsically yours,

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

At the place I go to most frequently, I always get salted caramel and brown sugar. I had toast & jam recently, which was also really good...and I'll never turn down grasshopper pie. I also love apple pie, when I can find it! I never do toppings, though...I don't know why. Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

I was absolutely OBSESSED with Blue Bell's Tiramisu ice cream. Imagine my disappointment when they stopped making it. I literally went to every grocery store in my area to hunt it down, but I couldn't find it anywhere. My life just hasn't been the same ever since.

My current fixation is Haagen-Dazs Coconut Macaroon ice cream.

As for toppings, I hardly ever do anything but put some chocolate-filled rolled wafers onto every ice cream I eat.

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

I am weird when it comes to ice cream and I am a fanatic!


the topping i like most is fudge then comes caramel

for flavors see below:




1. Green Tea Tempura ice cream! from the restaurant OSAKA


2. Pumpkin ice cream no toppings Sebastian Joes or wherever else it can be found




1. Kemps Moose tracks in mint fudge or raspberry fudge

2. Ben & Jerry's Half Baked  (half cookie dough Half Brownie Batter)

3. Coffee Flavored ice cream Hagan daas


Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (the haagen dazs or baskin robbin ones are amazing!) and peanut Butter Chocolate (The PC parlour brand is by far the best). I don''t usually get toppings on my ice cream, but I like peanuts on sundaes.

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

I love almost all ice cream that I've tried, my favorites are chocolate chip cookie dough and mint chocolate chip. Also red bean ice cream is really good!


There is a Haagen Dazs store that recently opened near me and my favorite thing to get there was a scoop of Salted Caramel Truffle. I think they discontinued it because I haven't seen in the store, and I don't think it's part of the line they sell. Probably for the best, I have a dairy sensitivity and that brand is the worst for it Smiley Sad

Re: Favorite Ice cream flavor and toppings

I also have a dairy sensitivity! I know my face would look a lot better if I stayed off the ice cream, but it is soooo good! I also enjoy Haagen Dazs. Ben and Jerry's also has some really good flavors. 

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