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Favorite Healthy Snack

With summer right around the corner I am doing my best to get into shape and start eating healthier. I am getting bored with ym usual healthy snacks and was wondering what everyone elses favorite healthy snacks are? One if mine is fresh jicama dipped in a greek yogurt dip I get from Trader Joes.

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Mmmm, I love fresh jicama!  I actually have 2 that I need to cut... thanks for the reminder Smiley Wink  My fav healthy snack is kale chips.  I love to snack, its totally my weakness.  But I started making kale chips for me & my girls, and they gobble it up!  A little sea salt & brewers yeast, and they're good to go!  I personally like to put a little chili powder on it for some kick Smiley Wink  So delish!


xo, Mia

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Watermelon is my weakness! I could eat it every day. I also eat a ton of navel oranges. During the summer I eat a lot of fresh cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. I also love carrots dipped in hummus. I love almonds too. Those chocolate covered banana slices someone else mentioned are really tasty. And I love grilling pineapple, zucchini and squash during the summer. 

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