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Favorite Healthy Snack

With summer right around the corner I am doing my best to get into shape and start eating healthier. I am getting bored with ym usual healthy snacks and was wondering what everyone elses favorite healthy snacks are? One if mine is fresh jicama dipped in a greek yogurt dip I get from Trader Joes.

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

After finding out just how dehydrated my skin was a couple of weeks ago during a mini-facial, I have made a consistent effort to decrease my caffeine intake (aside from my morning latte) and increase my water consumption.  Well, my skin's happier- and I'm getting there on sparkling water as a whole (instead of tea/soda/juice).


Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Have you tried spiking your water with Emergen-C? Depending on the water and powder ratio, it doesn't sweeten your water much but can infuse it with a fruity essence and provide you with Vitamin C, great for skin health and immunity, also lots of B vitamins for energy. My favorite is Pink Lemonade, but I use more water so even though it's not sweet, it tastes like lemon water.

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Sorry, going to have to duck in on this conversation really fast.


Emergen-C is ok on an occasional basis, like if you feel a cold coming on. Daily or frequent use of Emergen-C however, can be dangerous. The recomended daily intake of Vitamin C is about 100mg; Emergen-C has 1000mg per dose. On the mild side, it could cause nausea/diarrhea, on the severe side, it could give you kidney stones. It also has effect on how your blood clots. Please use carefully!

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Plain non-fat yogurt with grapes and homemade granola that I make (has no added sugar or processed ingredients) is surprisingly tasty and very healthy.  Also, oatmeal is a great breakfast or snack- I use plain oats, add milk, a pinch of brown sugar, microwave, and then add some raisins or blueberries.  Definitely not as sweet as the prepackaged variety, but still tastes great and gives me a lot of energy.  

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Hi DesertRose0706,


One of my favorite snacks is edamame! It fills you up and they're so addicting. I also really like drinking kombucha (no brand in particular). I try to lay off carbs, white breads, pastas etc and sugar!. Pop chips are good snack too. Not a lot of calories per serving (just have to watch the salt).

<3 Melissa

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Melissa, you'd love the popped edamame chips from Costco!

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Thank you for sharing your favorite snacks!  I got some great ideas for things to pick up next time i go grocery shopping!

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

I also recently subscribed to NatureBox (Google since it's an external link).  They send healthy/natural snacks each month.  I got my first box- wow, everything is healthier and yummy! I was munching on the lemon meringue wafers at work today.

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

I love low moisture part-skim mozarella string cheese or a tablespoon of natural peanut butter for a snack.  Natural peanut butter has less sugar but the healthy fat is satisfying.  Be careful, natural peanut butter will have to be stirred after opening and kept in the refrigerator.  Some new varieties say they are natural peanut butter, but are not if you read the label.  Hummus with whole grain crackers or veggies, low-fat turkey slice and fat free cheese slice rolled ups, and 35 pastachios (I pre-bag them to keep from overeating) all make excellent snacks. 


Sometimes when we think we are hungry, we are really thirsty.  I try to drink something before I snack. I do plan snacks intentionally between meals to keep from overeating.


Good luck!

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Frozen grapes!

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