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Favorite Healthy Snack

With summer right around the corner I am doing my best to get into shape and start eating healthier. I am getting bored with ym usual healthy snacks and was wondering what everyone elses favorite healthy snacks are? One if mine is fresh jicama dipped in a greek yogurt dip I get from Trader Joes.

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Also, you can use Hershey's cocoa powder (the kind that's used for baking that's only 10 calories per tbsp) and add a pinch of vanilla, honey, or cinnamon.  It takes some getting used to since it's bitter, but I actually prefer it now.  And I use the 'Special Dark' kind which may taste even more bitter to some people, but I like it and it has the antioxidant benefit!  It really curbs my chocolate cravings, and it's only 10 calories plus the calories from the milk (and if you add honey).   

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Sweet peppers and ranch! Not sure if the ranch counts...

I also eat tons of fruit, nuts, Kind bars and Kashi bars.

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

I like boiled and lightly salted edamame like you get at Japanese resteraunts.  Trader Joe's has some in the frozen section that you just have to reheat.  It's got tons of protein and fiber, so a handful of pods is enough to satisfy my cravings.

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

I've been on quite the health kick recently. As a vegetarian you'd think it's easier to have a healthy lifestyle but it's very easy to get careless. I know far too many vegetarians that eat tons of carbs (fries, bread, chips, pasta, etc) just because it's a quick way to get full.


I'm aiming to keep anything fried or white out of my daily meals. So far so good!


My favorite snacks are: snap peas, kale salad (or chips), sliced apples, strawberry-almond milk-banana smoothies, and veggie buffalo nuggets. Bananas are good if you need something a bit more filling, I usually like to have one paired with a luna bar for breakfast.

Now I'm hungry.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack


I know. I have a problem :s

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

@Krunce LOL but they are SO good! Smiley Happy


I think my favorite healthy snack is SOMEwhat healthy but not quite...

walnut halves with semi sweet dark chocolate  morsels! The protein fills me up and the chocolate sweet taste makes me happy. 


I also discovered how much I love those edamame boxes from Trader Joes as well as their baby carrots with the garlic hummus. YUMMY! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

Wow that sounds much healthier, haha.


Sometimes, I eat the Trader Joe's Fancy Raw Mixed Nuts but I wish they had more salt lol... goodness. I still have a problem.


My only saving grace is I don't have a car so I walk a couple of hours a day. That's my healthy snack Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

SeriouslySmiley Sad I love the flaming hot ones!

<3 Melissa

Re: Favorite Healthy Snack


once we're at it, I'll have to say peanut butter m&ms


Re: Favorite Healthy Snack

I'm currently trying to convince myself that Perrier is both a snack and healthy...

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