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Fave YouTube beauty guru?

Hey guys! I'm looking for some new YouTube beauty gurus to check out! Who are your faves? My faves so far are Jaclyn Hill and Kandee Johnson Smiley Happy

Re: Fave YouTube beauty guru?


I am seriously so sad that she passed.

I was crying watching her last vlog talking about it.

I cried a little when Fleur was crying, but once mike came on I was a sobbing mess.

<3 woofy.

Re: Fave YouTube beauty guru?

Essiebutton- she literally makes me laugh out loud and I love that she isn't afraid to do things differently.

Re: Fave YouTube beauty guru?

Agreed! Her "ghetto" accent cracks me up!

Re: Fave YouTube beauty guru?

I also like DulceCandy87, MakeupbyTiffanyD, Charismastar, Nicole Guerriero, Tanya Burr, MakeupByCamila2, and Beatfacehoney!! Along with most of the ones @asdfgh said!

Re: Fave YouTube beauty guru?

xsparkage, gossmakeupartist, makeupgeektv, Lisa Eldridge, pixiwoo, makeupbytiffanyd... those are the ones I think off of the top of my head. Wayne Goss, Lisa Eldridge, and pixiwoo are like the "professional" industry type ones and the others I love just because they're fun to watch. I particularly like xsparkage because she's so unique. She did a whole series of looks from all the districts in The Hunger Games!


Re: Fave YouTube beauty guru?

Love Jaclyn Hill...Carly Bybel and SMLx0 are awesome too...

Re: Fave YouTube beauty guru?

Anyone who constantly doesn't shove products down your throat like elle and blair fowler and tiffanyd! I just can't stand when tiffany talks about sigma.. it drives me nuts. It makes me not want to watch her video. I think she has useful information but I feel like she's always pushing products on me.. I just can't handle it.


Jen (frmheadtotoe). Tanya (pixi2woo). Nic and Sam (pixiwoo). Wayne (gossmakeupartist). Zoey (zoella280390). Lisa (lisasz09). Shannon (Glamourwonderland).


Those are my top favorites. I really have to throw out a big comment about shannon. She ALWAYS replies to her comments. It is so helpuful. Before I started using beautytalk I would ask her every question I had about makeup and she is just so helpful.


I also love lisa because she uploads so frequently. Some other users are spotty about uploading, but she uploads nearly everyday it feels like. She does TONS of sephora hauls.. which I love to watch. And she reviews pretty much everything she buys. She doesn't do many tutorials, it's mostly reviewing products and hauls. But I love those videos just as much.


Hope you check out those channels and love them as much as I do!

Re: Fave YouTube beauty guru?

KD006. i heart shannon too! if anyone is gluten free, she is a good youtuber to watch.


Zoella just makes me laugh.

Re: Fave YouTube beauty guru?

grav3yardgirl, leighannsays, FashionRocksMySocks, emilynoel83, essiebutton! I'm on youtube too much. Haha. There are sooo many more.

Re: Fave YouTube beauty guru?

missglamorazzi, thekristenkchannel, emilynoel83, kandeejohnson, gossmakeupartist, 



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