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Post in Besides Beauty

Fav beauty apps

I have a few beauty apps that I really like on my ipad, but I'm bored and looking a new one (or two).


My all time fav is called Popsugar.  It is a free app and its like a blog/online magazine.  There are different sections like fashion,beauty,celebrity,moms,etc... There are beauty tips and articles, and lots of new ideas for nails and makeup.  Very fun and user friendly.

The other one I really like is called Beautylish.  This one if free also and has stories, tip and tricks, and lots of videos...there are other sections but I like those the most.  I also like the Sephora app, this is different than the passport app Sephora has, I have both.  The app that is different than passport has videos and a social section, plus the latest (and past) catalogues, and one of my favorite sections is the nail studio.  This is where I get a lot of my nail ideas, and its cool bc it tells exactly what brand and color polish is used and has pictures with steps and tools needed.


Anyone have an app they really like/love?...preferably related to beauty but doesnt necesarily have to be.  I could use ideas for other apps as well.  



Re: Fav beauty apps

Hm.. never heard of feedly. Will check that app out! I'm addicted to reading beauty/fashion blogs. Thanks!

Re: Fav beauty apps

Feedly is an RSS app that works with web browsers. I was able to transfer all my Google Reader feeds to Feedly with no issues Smiley Happy 

Re: Fav beauty apps

I don't have a favorite beauty app but I do like Bloglovin' to follow some of the blogs I like Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Fav beauty apps

Defiantly agree that Sephora should add or make an app for BT. Would love to have one on the go!


Re: Fav beauty apps

Ahh pop sugar has an app sweet!!! I had no idea, I will definately have to check that out. This doesn't relate to beauty but im currently obsessed with candy crush saga too, also  Pinterest, Hautelook and My fitness Pal and of course you tube. I also have sephora's and Temptalia's page on my Ipad so I can get my daily beauty fix. Those are my most used apps.

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