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Post in Besides Beauty

Fav beauty apps

I have a few beauty apps that I really like on my ipad, but I'm bored and looking a new one (or two).


My all time fav is called Popsugar.  It is a free app and its like a blog/online magazine.  There are different sections like fashion,beauty,celebrity,moms,etc... There are beauty tips and articles, and lots of new ideas for nails and makeup.  Very fun and user friendly.

The other one I really like is called Beautylish.  This one if free also and has stories, tip and tricks, and lots of videos...there are other sections but I like those the most.  I also like the Sephora app, this is different than the passport app Sephora has, I have both.  The app that is different than passport has videos and a social section, plus the latest (and past) catalogues, and one of my favorite sections is the nail studio.  This is where I get a lot of my nail ideas, and its cool bc it tells exactly what brand and color polish is used and has pictures with steps and tools needed.


Anyone have an app they really like/love?...preferably related to beauty but doesnt necesarily have to be.  I could use ideas for other apps as well.  




Re: Fav beauty apps

I love PopSugar! I didn't realize there was an app -- I'll have to check it out. I used to go to the website daily but I haven't in a while, so thanks for the reminder. I remember when it was only a gossip site -- it's nice that they cover so many areas now!  I think the only beauty-related app I currently have is ReVamp, which has 1930s hairstyle tutorials. (I don't use it often, but when I dress up I usually wear antique or vintage dresses and it bothers me when my hair isn't at least somewhat period appropriate -- so this is my 1930s reference, at least.)


I love Instagram, but I'm truly addicted to Candy Crush Saga (so embarrassing). This game is SO addictive, it's unreal. There are 200+ levels, I think...and it's to the point where I close my eyes and still see rows of candies, so I think should probably just delete it (but I won't). Smiley Tongue

Re: Fav beauty apps

Omg! I do the same thing when i close my eyes and still see the rows of candies! And in my head i switch them and more start coming down.. and yeaa! Sorry i thought i was the only one! lol

Re: Fav beauty apps

I know!! It's the worst addictive! I want to quit while I'm ahead, but I can't! (I might quit soon, though, if I can't get past level 70...stupid chocolate, it's evil!).

Re: Fav beauty apps

@JenBlush no you're not the only one! Sometimes when I find my brain drifting off I'm seeing the candy pieces in my head! I'm stuck on a level right now I think that's why- its a serious addiction! Smiley Happy 


I am hooked on my modcloth app and also Sephora app! Constantly adding items to my shopping lists every day lol

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Fav beauty apps

I'm on level 202 and I just can't stop...CAN'T STOP.  I dream about the chocolate rainbow sprinkle bomb.

Re: Fav beauty apps

Just completed 200 & I'm waiting on tickets to move on. I hate that some levels I'm stuck on for weeks! 

Re: Fav beauty apps

I think there should be a BT app!! lol. I personally don't really like the sephora app because you can't purchase anything through it.. It's still nice to quickly look up a product though. Like while I'm doing reviews on BT or whatever, I will quickly look things up on the sephora app like a color or what the product specifically says it will do for you. I like it for that, but they should add a BT portion to it for smartphone users! I actually go to the BT website on my safari, but it won't let me login, so I just read all the threads and bookmark things that I want to go back to and add a comment to when I hop on a computer so I don't forget! But it would be nice if I could do it straight from my phone.

Re: Fav beauty apps

I cant login wither and I thought it was just me on that day or something.  I never tried after that to see if it was a problem.

Re: Fav beauty apps

Oh I like Popsugar. Some other apps I frequent are TotalBeauty, MakeupAlley, Allwomenstalk, makeuptalk, refinery29, purseforum, Beautylish, & then I have the BT & LUUUX links set in my Beauty folder. I also use bloglovin & feedly to follow blogs. 

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