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Fav Beauty Tricks=HEARTS

Post your favorite beauty tricks. It can range from an at home moisturizing face mask recipe to wetting your sponge before applying foundation with it. It can do with hair, makeup, or anything else.

Every response will get a heart, and you can post more than one!


Re: Fav Beauty Tricks=HEARTS

LOL!! I do that, too! Cheap conditioner is an arsenal of beauty supplies , isn't it?

Re: Fav Beauty Tricks=HEARTS

take your favorite acne spot treatment put it on a spoon and freeze it then hold against pimple and wahlaSmiley Happy

Re: Fav Beauty Tricks=HEARTS

take a buisness card and hold it under your eye while applying an eyeshadow that tend to fall out it will catch itSmiley Happy

Re: Fav Beauty Tricks=HEARTS

I like to take a post it sticky not and stick it from the outer corner of my eye to the edge of my brow when I want to do a nice, clean, straight edge with a smokey eye. Then I can just blend the edge out a bit if its too sharp after I remove the post it Smiley Happy Love this one because it helps me get it more even from one eye to the other also.

Re: Fav Beauty Tricks=HEARTS

@firecracker7283: I use surgical tape to do the same thing! Surgical tape less sticky than regular tape so its much gentler to take off especially on the delicate eye area! You can buy 3m surgical tape at any drugstore, Target or walmart.


  • I use Extra Virgin Coconut oil for just about everything! You can purchase it at any natural market or Asian grocery store. Definitely purchase the Extra Virgin coconut oil if you plan on using it on your skin or hair. Regular Coconut oil has additives in it so many nurturing ingredients are processed out of it. It comes in a mayo size jar and is solid. It melts into your hands. Its great for dry skin, I actually carry around a small tin of it in my purse. You can use it on dry hands, dry cuticles, all over dry skin. It has vastly improved my keratasis pilaris on my arms. I apply it right when I get out of the shower.
  • It's also a fantastic deep conditioner. Give yourself time to do this, anywhere from 1 hour to overnight. All you do is apply this to your hair, beginning at your tips and working your way up to your roots. Then put a shower cap on and leave it alone for at least an hour or overnight (the longer its left on, the softer your hair will be). Then you rinse it out by shampooing and following with your normal hair routine. Also, if you have a dry scalp, you could take some Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and massage your scalp with it. Then proceed to shampoo it out and do your normal hair routine.
  • If you notice you have dry ends, you can use this like you would use a finishing pomade and apply a small amount to your ends, try to avoid the roots completely. This is an oil after all, you don't want to look like a greasy mess. This keeps my hair looking shiny Woman Happy
  • I also just used it to remove my eye makeup (I tried it out of curiousity because I usually remove my eye makeup with babyoil). It actually took my waterproof mascara off easier than the babyoil did. But, as with any oil, don't apply it to the rest of your face, or at least wash your face immediately after in order to take off the oil on your skin and clean out your pores to avoid the possibility of breakouts!
  • Speaking of breakouts, Tea Tree Oil is a fantastic spot treatment! It acts the same way as benzoyl peroxide does but it's gentler and it takes a bit longer to make pimples disappear but I haven't had problems with skin dryness the way I used to with benzoyl peroxide spot treatments.
  • To protect the rest of my makeup from eyeshadow fallout, I usually apply some translucent powder on top of my cheeks but I don't blend it I just let it sit until I'm finished with my eyemakeup, then I brush it off with a fan brush, it sweeps away all the fallout.
  • I use a metal toothed eye comb to get mascara clumps out of my lashes. The closely spaced, thin metal teeth grab onto lashes better than plastic ones that are too widely spaced and thick.
  • I have a toothbrush that I use specifically to exfoliate my lips. I've also just used regular sugar to exfoliate my lips.
  • I always have a small pack of baby wipes with me because baby wipes remove everything! I haven't met a stain that it didn't work on yet! I also sometimes use this to clean a brush off quickly inbetween thourough brush washes
  • In between actually cleaning my brushes (which I do every 2 weeks with Johnson's baby shampoo) after I finish applying my makeup daily, I spritz alcohol onto my brushes and wipe them with a towel to remove makeup residue and spritz again and allow to dry. This kills any bacteria on it and dries faster than when I thouroughly clean my brushes.




Re: Fav Beauty Tricks=HEARTS

During the summer I like to take my fav body wash and mix it with just reg sugar and use it as an exfoliating scrub. It works great, saves money and who wouldnt want to smell like sugar Smiley Happy

Re: Fav Beauty Tricks=HEARTS

I keep my eye cream in the fridge for an extra cooling, refreshing effect


: )

Re: Fav Beauty Tricks=HEARTS

I also shave with Suave conditioner, and I use Frownies (or hairdresser's tape) to keep me from frowning / raising my eyebrows in my sleep. I wake up with a smooth forehead instead of the deep grooves (or "11s") I wake up with when I don't use them.


: )

Re: Fav Beauty Tricks=HEARTS

I do my cardio on a place full of trees with clean air. Now we're in summer in my country, so I take my breakfast at the backyard which is full of trees, and I also open my windows a few hours before go to bed. Clean air and a ventilated room help me sleep better.


I'm not sure if it's like a trick, probably many girls do this, I always wash my hands with an antibacterial soap before start with my skincare routine and I always use a new clean towel, never that is already in the bathroom. I do the same when I take a bath, I always use an antibacterial soap and then I use a body polish or moisturizing shower cleanser. I finish my bath rinse with honey, lemon and orange water. Is basically lemon and orange peels boiled in water with looots of honey.


I also change my sheets everyday, this is more like an obsession, i've read in some place that if you have combination/oily/acne prone skin, you must use clean sheets almost every day to prevent future breakouts product of dirt and bacteria, and I always get my room excessively clean for the same reason. I don't know if this is helpful, but it turned into an obsession. And well I always got my makeup tools very clean, I don't use a lot of makeup, so I don't have a lot of tools, but what I have, I have totally clean.


I don't only drink water, I also eat a lot of water, fruits and vegetables with a high content of water: watermelon, strawberries, and tomatoes, and it really works great.


After using conditioner in my hair, rinse my hair with warm water and finally with cold water to make it look very shiny.


I've never dyed or straightened my hair. I have naturally curly hair and it's nice, but I prefer having wavy or curly hair. But how I so afraid of dyes and straightening irons, i've never used any. But I do my hair perfect and not so curly using the Creme with Silk Groom of Kiehls with wet hair and straighten my hair with a comb then I do my curls with my fingers without make volume and almost freezed, let my hair dry, and looks perfect. Having very long hair also helps a lot with the volume trouble.


I set my powder makeup with thermal spring water and then my skin looks totally natural and glowing.


I always sleep with a reddish tinted lip balm on my lips and at the morning they're gorgeous and with a touch of color.



I got a few more but I can't remember now.. :/




Re: Fav Beauty Tricks=HEARTS

Thanks for all of the great ideas, ladies! I'm giving everyone hearts, too!!! <3

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