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Father's Day Sharing!

This past Sunday was Father's Day, and though everyone has a different take on family and relationships, I want to know what you did!


Whether you celebrated your biological father, a stepfather, grandfather, brother, cousin, nephew, son, grandson, husband, friend, or any significant male in your life, how did you show some extra appreciation? I know not everyone may still have their father or celebrated male figure alive today (my friend lost her father to cancer a while back and this Father's Day her and her siblings released his ashes in memorial), but what are some of your favorite memories you shared?


My dad's never been a man for too many words unless he's with family and friends, then he turns into super loud ball of fun, but he's never been one to ask for anything or even expect grand and lavish gifts. He's often very hard to shop for on holidays and special occasions, but this year my mother and I got him some shirts that he can wear to work. Nothing fancy, just a couple of polos, he's a hard working man and more than often if he truly WANTED something, he would more than likely buy it for himself, so the shirts were a good practical gift and I know he'll get use out of them.


So tell me, Beauty Talkers! Did you Skype a conversation with dear ol' dad due to distance? Have a BBQ and gift your guy with a new pit? Did you treat him to a meal at his favorite restaurant? Was it cologne and grooming items that he got gifted with? Smiley Happy

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Ooo, what are the plans then? 

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

I didn't do much. We sat in and ordered take out foodSmiley Happy My dad was happy with his box of chocolates from See's! They had these cute limited edition sets exclusively for Father's daySmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Ohhhh gosh, See's is delish!!!

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

My dad passed away 9 years ago but I did wish him a Happy Father's Day I blew a kiss up to heaven and told him happy father's day. Smiley Happy

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

I'm sure he got that kiss along with any and all other well wishes you've ever sent him! Smiley Happy

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

My dog gave his Father (my husband) a nice card and we all went out and played in the yard. My dad passed long ago, so all I have is childhood memories of making him a dessert (I was a bad cook then, so I think it was more a trial than a gift, lol). 

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

I'm sure he enjoyed it either way Smiley Happy that's a really sweet memory!


I bet you all were exhausted after playing in the yard, what a great way to take advantage of the day and the outdoors!

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

I had a super mellow Father's Day with dear old dad. I just went over to my family's home for BBQ (my dad insisted in making dinner for us). I brought over my two little dogs, they always have a blast at my parents home; they know them as 'grandma and grandpa' and will get really hyped up whenever I say that.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Haha, I can imagine the dogs having their tails wag and then go nuts when you mention taking a trip!


Isn't it funny how it can be a day like Father's Day or Mother's Day and dad or mom still love to take care of those around them? Smiley Happy I think they find an ultimate reward in being able to continue to provide and show love and care and see you enjoying yourself as well as everyone else!

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Aw, great post! Your dad seems alot like my dad in which he doesn't expect things and is more savvy with the little things that make a HUGE difference and that is just being there enjoying his family. 


My dad has been gone for the past 2 months enjoying his time with my mom at their little bungalow in the French West Indies. They're celebrating their 40th anniversary as well Smiley Very Happy


I e-mailed him a picture of homemade pickles I made using his recipe for Father's Day and we're planning an offshore fishing trip when they return! Can't wait to have my dad back, fishing ain't the same without the captain. 

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Holy cow! I bet he's having a blast! Congrats to your parents for their 40th!!!


Offshore fishing is so fun! Cooking up the catch is even better!

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Thanks, it gives me hope in the future. Hehe

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