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Father's Day Sharing!

This past Sunday was Father's Day, and though everyone has a different take on family and relationships, I want to know what you did!


Whether you celebrated your biological father, a stepfather, grandfather, brother, cousin, nephew, son, grandson, husband, friend, or any significant male in your life, how did you show some extra appreciation? I know not everyone may still have their father or celebrated male figure alive today (my friend lost her father to cancer a while back and this Father's Day her and her siblings released his ashes in memorial), but what are some of your favorite memories you shared?


My dad's never been a man for too many words unless he's with family and friends, then he turns into super loud ball of fun, but he's never been one to ask for anything or even expect grand and lavish gifts. He's often very hard to shop for on holidays and special occasions, but this year my mother and I got him some shirts that he can wear to work. Nothing fancy, just a couple of polos, he's a hard working man and more than often if he truly WANTED something, he would more than likely buy it for himself, so the shirts were a good practical gift and I know he'll get use out of them.


So tell me, Beauty Talkers! Did you Skype a conversation with dear ol' dad due to distance? Have a BBQ and gift your guy with a new pit? Did you treat him to a meal at his favorite restaurant? Was it cologne and grooming items that he got gifted with? Smiley Happy

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

I love the idea of this thread, what a sweet thing to post about! 


I got to chat online with my dad since we're over 2000 miles away right now. I sent him a picture of a hand-carved bear I bought to give him when I see him next and he said it made him cry, which was a million miles beyond the reaction I thought I'd get! Smiley Happy He's impossible to buy for so I was thrilled to find the perfect thing for him.

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Awwww, you brought your poppa to tears! ^_^


Do you just happen to live in separate cities or is the distance due to work or travel (if you don't mine me asking)?



Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Ahahaha it's a messy situation on my end at least. My dad went off with my uncle to some fishing retreat in the middle of nowhere (northern Saskatchewan, Canada) for the summer, so they are both thrilled to be gone. My husband and I were supposed to move from Canada to San Diego in November on about two or three weeks notice(!!) but it turned out I didn't have all my immigration stuff in order so I've been renting a little beachfront apartment south of Tijuana so my husband can visit me on the weekends. My parents visited me a couple months ago though, it was so good to see them!


Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Wowie! Smiley Tongue I'm sure all the change in plans is at least allowing some great changes in scenery!

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

That is the one thing I can't argue with! I have 180 degrees of ocean to see and dolphins swim by every day if you watch for them, as well as the occasional seal and even whale. Smiley Happy

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Wow!!! I can only imagine! It sounds beautiful!

Re: Father's Day Sharing!


This isn't right in front of my house (apparently I only take pictures at home on cloudy days??) but a bit south of here last weekend. Smiley Happy

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

<insert jealousy here> Smiley Very Happy

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Of course the grass is always greener somewhere else and I would  trade places with anyone in a heartbeat if it got me across the border! Today we found out that one of the forms we filed has a new version and an old version that are both being accepted currently but they are reviewing all of them under the new guidelines. We sent in the old version after reading the old rules and so we were informed we would need to resubmit the whole thing and wait up to 20 business days for processing because my husband signed the thing in BLUE ink and now the rule is black only! I was so mad I could have strangled a dolphin! Smiley Tongue Apparently a supervisor agreed when my husband called that it was ridiculous and will try to get it accepted but honestly, what a mess. 

Re: Father's Day Sharing!

Got to love paperwork and technicalities Smiley Sad Sorry to hear about the delays and frustrations!!

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