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Fashion hating

I love the "mullet skirt" and I think the peplum top is great for a lot of body types, but I read about people hating on these styles. 


Do you wear anything that people poo-poo? Or hate anything that's trendy right now?


mullet-skirts-24.jpgleopard belt, white peplum top, orange pencil skirt.JPG

Re: Fashion hating

HAH -- that made me choke out loud at my desk! I know many people who wear them and they look great, but they really do kind of look like hooves to me Smiley Happy

Re: Fashion hating

I don't like leggings alone. Men don't need more a reason to start at women's butts. I also don't like being able to see the print on someone's underpants.


I do love them in the winter to wear under jeans, sleep in or when I have to dress up in the cold (with a mid-length skirt).

Re: Fashion hating

I like leggings under tunics or skirts, but they aren't flattering when paired with short shirts, they make crotches look funny.


And I concur, I don't need to see your panties through your panties.




Pants, I meant pants.


LOL at panties through panties.

Re: Fashion hating

I don't really like UGGs either, but it's mostly because I find the way the sole is constructed to be really uncomfortable. There's no arch support at all.

Re: Fashion hating

I don't like UGGs. I hear they are super comfy. But I don't like the way they are manufactured and I hate seeing girls wear them in Summer with Winter crust (salt and such) on them. It makes me think their feet are all stinky.

Re: Fashion hating

Me, too!  But I'm picky about boots. I don't like open-toed winter-ish boots ... I mean, really?




And, also, the hiking boots with heels!



Re: Fashion hating

How is she turning her left leg 180 degrees inward like that?!

Re: Fashion hating

And I thought that was just me...wondering the same thing!

Re: Fashion hating

I think most styles look great on some people and horrible on others. For example, peplum tops are just awful on me, because they are designed to make women look more curvy. I'm already hourglass shaped so they just make me look squat. But some people in the same situation leave reviews like "omg, this is soooo ugly, I hate this style! No one should ever wear it!!!"


On an unrelated note, I frequently read reviews and laugh at people's reasoning.

Re: Fashion hating

I hate reviews like that -- clothing reviews are almost pointless, unless they stick to things like sizing (compared to the store's usual sizing, i.e. "I alway wear a 4 and this runs very small in the arms," etc.), material quality, fit issues, etc. I think poor star ratings for reviews you mentioned ("UGLY COLOR WASHES ME OUT") are really unfortunate because they bring down an overall rating.

Re: Fashion hating

I don't like sweats and flip flops or leggings as pants ( like other people have mentioned). Otherwise, everyone has their own personal style and should be free to express it. I went to a public high school that had a private school dress code---kids got sent to the office for every.little.thing and they couldn't come back to class until they either went home, got new clothes and came back or called someone to bring them new clothing while they waited. ( And those kids missed a lot of class) I was a jeans and tshirt kinda gal so I didn't have any issues but my friends....who didn't wear anything revealing had a problem with the dress code ( no unnatural hair color, so if a teacher thought your colored red hair was too red you had to get rid of it....clothes couldn't be too tight or baggy in the slightest and again....everyone had their own view on what was too tight or baggy....).

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