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F&F Holiday Sale Kickoff

I am really upset right now, so I condidered not writing the e-mail but I must rant or I'll explode. I just got home from my local Sephora where I stood in line for 1 hour and I got in line at 5:50pm for the sale kickoff. By the time I got to the cashier they were out of bags. My problem is that I understand giving 20% off for friends and family but they should not get a bag if you don't have enough for your VIBs! It's not like I showed up at 8PM but I was in line beofre the kickoff even began. The last person to get the bag was a sister of a VIB who stood in fron of me. We had a conversation while waiting and she made it a point to tell me how expensive Sephora is and that she only came because of F&F!!!!!!! AND SHE GOT A BAG!!!!!!!! I spent over $2,500.00 this year so far at Sephora and you are more than welcome to verify this!!!!! AND I GOT NO BAG!!!!!! It's not so much the bag but the principle!!! For what I spend at Sephora they should send me a bag. I do professional makeup and I receive PRO-discount of 30% at MAC and yet I choose to shop at Sephora because of the variety. I may need to rethink this!!!! I am sooooooooo unhappy right now and soooooo angry. Matter of fact I was very close in posting a SEPHORA RANT to my You Tube account but I reconsidered. I'm afraid I'll appear totally psycho. Anyone else out there have a problem with this?

Re: F&F Holiday Sale Kickoff

Aww, that's too bad.  But this is exactly why I avoided the kick-off and went today like a sane person instead.  😉


Do you have other locations near you?  Maybe if you stop by one of those and explain what happened, they may offer you a leftover bag or some samples at the very least.  The last time I had an issue and they had run out of whatever promo item they were offering, they compensated by giving me a lot of other samples to try.  Maybe something can be worked out after all!

Re: F&F Holiday Sale Kickoff

is this a special bag? or a bag for what you purchased to take it home in? if it was just that and nothing special i would hope you would consider recycling, i dont work for sephora but if it was a bag to take home your purchase in and since you buy 2,500 dollars worth, it would make a big difference in our environment if you recycled sephora bags, however if this is a special bag then i agrre with you, they should have had that bag for you like you exspected. 

Re: F&F Holiday Sale Kickoff

Is your Sephora a flagship store? I can sympathize -- I have missed out on several recent VIB gifts because the store was out of them by the time I got there (also on the early side).


However, the VIB gifts are only guaranteed while supplies last, so Sephora cannot guarantee that every VIB will receive one, even if you come in early. I can understand your irritation, though, especially if non-VIBs received the bag (that must have been a store miscommunication -- only VIBs were supposed to receive the tote; the invited friends were allowed 20% savings).


What I have done to solve this is to contact the store ahead of time to ask if a bag, or gift, can be put aside for me. I certainly would never demand special treatment (even as a VIB who spends copious amounts of money at Sephora), but it never hurts to ask kindly, and the associates with whom I have spoken are always more than willing to accomodate.


While I think the tote bag is great, I don't think it's any reason to stop shopping at Sephora. In your case, and as Melalah mentioned, I'm sure if you contact Sephora, they may be able to help you. 🙂

Re: F&F Holiday Sale Kickoff

I feel much better today. I was just irritated that I stood in line for so long and they were giving the bags out to non-VIBs so the last person who got the bag was the person in front of me and her sister who was not even a member of Sephora. I found out today that the store did not follow the rules and it was supposed to be only for VIBs. It wasn't so much the bag but the principle. When I became a VIB the paper said that you get special promos and exclusive event notices and when I saw that they were giving the bags to non-VIB and Non-regular cardholders it irked me. Yes, the store I frequent is a flagship store and I thought they would know better. I do have another store in the next city so I will be going there from now on. I really enjoy shopping at Sephora and I think they have great products so next year I will be shoeing up much earlier.

Re: F&F Holiday Sale Kickoff

I do not have a store close to me (the closest is 1 1/2 hrs away) but I wanted to go and see if there was anything special at the store besides getting the bag. The store I went to also ran out of bags but they gave away a Kat Von D bag instead. But there were not any samples included with it.


I was disappointed that the store had not received their shipment of some of the items in the holiday catalog. I ended up coming home and placing an order online.


I can understand the original posters frustration especially considering how much money she spends a year.


Re: F&F Holiday Sale Kickoff

Yeah the closest Sephora to me is inside a JcPenney and they weren't doing the V.I.B. bag. I was sad about it. I think they should've offered it for online orders as well. I ordered online with the 20% but I would've loved to gotten the bag as well. I've gotten a bag before from sephora ( I don't remember when I got it or how) Its a giant bag, that says Sephora and has the symbol and you can roll it up and it has a snap to keep it rolled up. But I would've liked to have gotten one, that actually looks like their shopping bags lol.

Re: F&F Holiday Sale Kickoff

Yeah, I don't have a Sephora anywhere close to me anymore ( I moved away from my local FS almost 3 years ago), so I always order online. It's nice to get the discounts, but I don't like that I always have to miss out on the in person perks. 😞

Re: F&F Holiday Sale Kickoff

Sorry about the experience. Sounds like your store was allowing the bring a friend before the posted hours too which is confusing and understandably frustrating!


I'm sure Sephora can/will resolve this  for you but please remember--it's still just a free bag at least. It was small, some had a couple samples and I don't spend as much as you but I have already tried the 2 that came with mine  so  I gave those away--perhaps a good chance you tried the ones that might have been in yours too. 


I'm glad that VIB's sister got to get some  beauty stuff and hopefully had a fun time shopping and learning about beauty. It is quite expensive and I only went into mine last night for the VIB sale too (and the NARS lipgloss steals). I'm not sure why they gave her a bag but hopefully your store learns from the errors it made this time around. 

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