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Eyeshadow promotion...

Has anyone received the eyeshadow from the swatch promotion  they ran a few weeks ago or so?  The one where people were copying others' pictures and posting them as their own???  I haven't received mine yet, and was just thinking about how long it's been...



Re: Eyeshadow promotion...

Hi Makeupobesessed,


Candace just posted this message a bit agoSmiley Happy


Hi ladies - working on it! If you sent sephoraeditor2 a message with your address (and you are in the US) and uploaded a photo you are in. It will take a couple of weeks, please be patient.

<3 Melissa

Re: Eyeshadow promotion...

thank you melissa!  I sometimes miss postings from being away from the board for a few days.  

Re: Eyeshadow promotion...

No problemSmiley Happy!

<3 Melissa
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