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Post in Besides Beauty

Ever have those moments...

Where you finally know what you want? (even if it's somewhat vague)


I had one of those today. I know that I want:


  • to go to school (i turned 26 in the fall but better late then never)
  • a truck ( yeah, i'm 5"3 but whatever Smiley Tongue)
  • to fix my credit and get a credit card again 
  • to learn how to skate well 
  • to learn how to play the violin
  • to stick to a healthy way of eating (so those extra pounds with come off)
  • a new fashionable wardrobe (in a smaller size ^) Smiley Wink and more make up Smiley Tongue


What do you want? (It can be anything Smiley Happy )


Re: Ever have those moments...

I want a perfect credit score.

I want to buy a rowhouse in DC.

I want to try riskier investments!

Re: Ever have those moments...

I want;

  • to get my dad off my back about school
  • to do well on my finals
  • to get into RISD
  • or if above doesn't happen, to get into Art Center for Entertainment!
  • to get the motivation to do well academically
  • to stop binging on junk food whenever I'm cramming
  • to get all my friends nice presents for Christmas
  • to go on a shopping spree in Sephora

I have a lot of things I want but I always know what I want >.>  

I just need to figure out how to get what I want

Re: Ever have those moments...

I went back to school at 25 and had a master's before my 30th birthday. Good for you for deciding what you want and going for it!!!


In 2014 I really want:

To save more money than I spend in 2014  (Work in progress).

To get pregnant with healthy twins late summer 2014 (the only way I will get 2 is if it's a surprise, hope that isn't TMI Smiley Happy ) .

To declutter my house.

To grow beautiful flowers.

To destress my life/job a little.

To have more time to read.

To simplify.

Re: Ever have those moments...

  • to move into a condo i don't want to rent because I feel like that is just throwing away money uselessly. opposed to investing it into something more long term.
  • get a kitten
  • take more poetry writing classes in my free time
  • make some more friends and be more social
  • to learn the transit bus system better so I can go more places then my limited number of options I know now.

Re: Ever have those moments...

I'm leaning towards a condo or a townhouse too! I like the idea of owning my own place, but like the security of having a community around me.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Ever have those moments...

For 2014


  • Be super organized ( I am organized, but like when exams or when I get super busy, things just become a mess)
  • Academically do much better and actually focus.
  • I already save, but start saving in January for December sales (In november and this december, i went WAYY over budget)
  • Have a long lasting relationship
  • Be more active, such as take dance classes or something
  • Not be so stressed all the time

Re: Ever have those moments...

For me, it's a rare occasion to not know what I want. That's what throws me. I've always known exactly what I want out of life.


Put a menu down in front of me, however, and I can take all day. lol!

Re: Ever have those moments...

YAY on the truck!

I want one too and hoping I snag one next year.


Also I want:


To TNR the rest of my stray cats.

Go to Vegas again and Mexico.

Re-Model the house.

New job!!

Sell my current show car, out of that scene.
Getting into a diff. scene.

I dunno there's loads. Smiley Tongue

Re: Ever have those moments...

I have a few 'wants' for 2014.


  • I want to start working towards saving for a home to purchase.
  • I want to become a better driver. I get the worst anxiety when I drive, so hopefully 2014 will (finally) be the year that I make it happen.
  • To start a new hobby! I danced for many many years, but had to give it up earlier this year due to a leg injury. Now that I'm better I'm debating going back to ballet or trying something new like aerial classes.
  • Write and paint more! I use to do both a ton (I have two BA degrees in journalism and creative writing) I cannot even remember the last time I wrote a creative work.
  • Continue to develop my freelance makeup career! I've been getting a lot of work which is fantastic, but I'm excited to see where my abilities take me next.
Whimsically yours,
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