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Post in Besides Beauty

Ever have those moments...

Where you finally know what you want? (even if it's somewhat vague)


I had one of those today. I know that I want:


  • to go to school (i turned 26 in the fall but better late then never)
  • a truck ( yeah, i'm 5"3 but whatever Smiley Tongue)
  • to fix my credit and get a credit card again 
  • to learn how to skate well 
  • to learn how to play the violin
  • to stick to a healthy way of eating (so those extra pounds with come off)
  • a new fashionable wardrobe (in a smaller size ^) Smiley Wink and more make up Smiley Tongue


What do you want? (It can be anything Smiley Happy )


Re: Ever have those moments...

I used to drive a sport car, 6 speed, but didn't feel safe on the high way in the morning leaving work when everyone was in a rush to get to work. 

So I got an SUV, automatic, and am so happy! I miss manual driving in the snow, but the SUV has AWD like my last car. I do feel safer in it & a few months after I got it I was in a car accident. We weren't going fast, but she hit me in my sweet spot. I saw the damage that was done to the car, but how it all happened assured me I was driving in a safer car. So I replaced it with the same thing Smiley Tongue 

When truck shopping, do your research, make sure it's reliable, has good crash ratings and has AWD or 4WD, doesn't have huge blind spots & that you're comfortable driving it. I hate my boyfriend's truck, it loud, terrible blind spots, I can't see the front bumper & now it's on a lift with bigger tires. He still takes my car out in the snow though. Big tires don't = better traction Smiley Tongue 

Re: Ever have those moments...

For the future!:

  •  go back to school and get my ASG
  • to go to cosmetology school after that 
  • work in a salon for a couple of years
  • save money to go to Japan
  • go to fashion school there
  • make a living on making people beautiful
  • retire and go back to Arizona 

 In the mean time (recently)  

  • save money for my own place (no sharing, my OWN roof)
  • car
  • get rid of loans...urgh
  • get a new cell phone...the iphone *.*
  • new clothes, fashionable clothes
  • and stuff out of storage, I hate the fact that my stuff isn't with me at this moment >.<

Re: Ever have those moments...

I'm with you on the truck (or SUV as far I'm concerned)!  I'm 5'2" and I love being "taller" than everyone else when I'm on the road.  I will never get a car.


Good luck with going back to school!

Re: Ever have those moments...

1) Get accepted into one of my top 3 picks for college! (Granted, there's not much I can do, now that all my materials are in. I just wait!)

2) Find an eye cream. This might sound silly, but I have yet to find one that works and I want to do as much preventive skin care as possible now that I'm nearly 18! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and I want to stay looking young!

3) Clear my skin. It's not awful and my acne is fairly mild, but I'd still like the flawless skin of my dreams! Hopefully the Clairsonic will deliever *fingers crossed*

4) Get a summer job. MONEY! And, uh, work experience. Yeah, that's why I want a job. *giggles nervously* Okay, honestly, a job would be great b/c Sephora funds.

5) Get my license! I'm an awful driver. I just can't seem to pass the test. 

6) Workout! I have NEVER worked out in my life. I'd love to learn something new like yoga or dance. Running just seems so boring! #lazygirlproblems.

7) Eat healthier. Hot sauce & potato chips are just too addictive. 

Re: Ever have those moments...

I love this thread! I really enjoyed reading all of the posts. Good luck everyone. 


As for me....

1.) To lose the weight I gained while I was sick (now that I know what I'm allergic to I feel better, but I know I would feel even better if I was at my ideal weight)

2.) To decide what I am doing with school/work (I have been accepted into 2 full-time master's programs, but I am finally working where I want to be so I don't know)

3.) To buy a house (once I decide what I am doing with school/work)

4.) To make financial investments.

5.) To find a way to get back into dance. (I was a competitive dancer for many years and I have never found anything since that has made me as happy)

Re: Ever have those moments...

I want to:


get het great grades throughout all of high school and get into a great college (preferably in NYC) 

be able to buy my own car when I turn of age

pay more attention to trends/styles, and develop a better wardrobe

and of course more makeup Smiley Happy

Re: Ever have those moments...

I really like this post and enjoyed reading everyones wants for themselves.  I have a few.


- Lose the weight I had previously lost but gained back after two deaths in the family.  I miss working out and how I felt when I was very active.  I would like to get that back.


- Pay off my car.  I have more than half to go still but I am confident that I can get it entirely paid off this year.  I should probably just block on my phone and computer to help me with this goal.


- Buy a house.  The hard part is I'm not sure where I want to buy.  Either in my area (lower Michigan) or take off and live in the tundra of the upper peninsula of Michigan. 


- Promotion at work.  I would like to go to the next classification level at work.


- I would like to find a great guy and start a long lasting relationship but who knows if that will happen.


-Writing again.  I used to write something everyday and I really miss it.


- Try and be more social. 

Re: Ever have those moments...

Yay Michigan! I'm in lower Michigan too, and I am also thinking about buying a house. Our housing market is so good for buying right now (though the inventory is a little low at the moment). 

Re: Ever have those moments...

I have a few 'wants' for 2014.


  • I want to start working towards saving for a home to purchase.
  • I want to become a better driver. I get the worst anxiety when I drive, so hopefully 2014 will (finally) be the year that I make it happen.
  • To start a new hobby! I danced for many many years, but had to give it up earlier this year due to a leg injury. Now that I'm better I'm debating going back to ballet or trying something new like aerial classes.
  • Write and paint more! I use to do both a ton (I have two BA degrees in journalism and creative writing) I cannot even remember the last time I wrote a creative work.
  • Continue to develop my freelance makeup career! I've been getting a lot of work which is fantastic, but I'm excited to see where my abilities take me next.
Whimsically yours,

Re: Ever have those moments...

YAY on the truck!

I want one too and hoping I snag one next year.


Also I want:


To TNR the rest of my stray cats.

Go to Vegas again and Mexico.

Re-Model the house.

New job!!

Sell my current show car, out of that scene.
Getting into a diff. scene.

I dunno there's loads. Smiley Tongue

Re: Ever have those moments...

For me, it's a rare occasion to not know what I want. That's what throws me. I've always known exactly what I want out of life.


Put a menu down in front of me, however, and I can take all day. lol!

Re: Ever have those moments...

For 2014


  • Be super organized ( I am organized, but like when exams or when I get super busy, things just become a mess)
  • Academically do much better and actually focus.
  • I already save, but start saving in January for December sales (In november and this december, i went WAYY over budget)
  • Have a long lasting relationship
  • Be more active, such as take dance classes or something
  • Not be so stressed all the time

Re: Ever have those moments...

  • to move into a condo i don't want to rent because I feel like that is just throwing away money uselessly. opposed to investing it into something more long term.
  • get a kitten
  • take more poetry writing classes in my free time
  • make some more friends and be more social
  • to learn the transit bus system better so I can go more places then my limited number of options I know now.

Re: Ever have those moments...

I'm leaning towards a condo or a townhouse too! I like the idea of owning my own place, but like the security of having a community around me.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Ever have those moments...

I went back to school at 25 and had a master's before my 30th birthday. Good for you for deciding what you want and going for it!!!


In 2014 I really want:

To save more money than I spend in 2014  (Work in progress).

To get pregnant with healthy twins late summer 2014 (the only way I will get 2 is if it's a surprise, hope that isn't TMI Smiley Happy ) .

To declutter my house.

To grow beautiful flowers.

To destress my life/job a little.

To have more time to read.

To simplify.

Re: Ever have those moments...

I want;

  • to get my dad off my back about school
  • to do well on my finals
  • to get into RISD
  • or if above doesn't happen, to get into Art Center for Entertainment!
  • to get the motivation to do well academically
  • to stop binging on junk food whenever I'm cramming
  • to get all my friends nice presents for Christmas
  • to go on a shopping spree in Sephora

I have a lot of things I want but I always know what I want >.>  

I just need to figure out how to get what I want

Re: Ever have those moments...

I want a perfect credit score.

I want to buy a rowhouse in DC.

I want to try riskier investments!

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