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Post in Besides Beauty

Dream birthday gift?

i know we all love when sephora gives us our birthday presents! What is your dream birthday gift hint hint sephora lol

i would love maybe mini lipsticks

or a mini perfumes




Re: Dream birthday gift?

i say have 3/4 gifts (like the 500 point gifts) that you can choose from.  Skin care, hair care, makeup would be awesome.  Even let us order it as a stand alone purchase.


Otherwise it would be cool to have an extra special gift like the Bobbie Brown or Hourglass sets they just had.  


I did like the Benefit Gift better than some of the ones in the past.

Re: Dream birthday gift?

Mini lipsticks, mini perfumes, and mini blushes. I think they should have 3 different sets and you can choose which set of mini lippy, perfume, and blush that you want! (Kind of like certain GWP where you can choose between cool and warm tones).

Re: Dream birthday gift?

Why doesn't Sephora offer GWP on the same brands that other stores do? Does Sephora not get them or is it something they opt out of? There are some, very limited GWPs, but they require a  promo code. It just seems odd to me. The jump in points required for the mini perfumes seems excessive IMO. The 100 pt perks seem much better. Have not received my b-day gift yet, but will be giving it away b/c it is Benefit. Some of the ideas posted sound awesome and would be a big improvement!

Re: Dream birthday gift?

I think that there should be one makeup gift, one skincare gift, and one hair gift that you can choose from. And the items in them would be determined on what's most popular! THAT would be dreamy!

Re: Dream birthday gift?

A Disney Princess compact mirror and a 20% off code. A girl can dream right? lol

Re: Dream birthday gift?

Ohh what if they gave us 500 points to use as we wish for our birthday.  Or a 500 point perk?


Re: Dream birthday gift?

I like the presents they have offered. I think a 20% coupon would be amazing! It could be a one time use on only one purchase. That way they would also insure more money is coming into their store, right? My favorite I think was the Fresh Sugar set. I love and use them all the time. I actually gave the Rose one to my mom because I prefer the original and now she is hooked!

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