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Don't you just hate cramps? :(

So.. Yeah I'm dying here. I thought I was going to have a peaceful sleep but Noooo,( I always get those horrible ones that last for hours )  the torture just had to be when I was going to sleep -- and more! -- tomorrow's Christmas! Smiley Mad ( mad at Mother Nature )  So, what do you guys normally do?

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

Midol and a heating pad always help. In some ways the start of the period is a relief because I seem to have a day or two of crazy crying jags beforehand and I am always glad to see them go. 


Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

Birth control pills are my God send. Because you see, my cramps are those oh so lovely in my stomach, back, and legs on the bathroom floor throwing up for hours cramps that have me bleeding through super strength everything for the first two days. Smiley Very Happy I have to take about 6 ibuprofen at a time three or four times a day to subdue them. Then I started my birth control pills and I get a light period every three months for a few days. It's great.

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

Extra-Strength Midol definitely helps. Taking Bayberry can also help w/ heavy bleeding/ cramps (needs to be taken regularly/ effects aren't immediate).


Exercise can also help!

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

You might want to consider some alternative menstrual solutions. I used to get debilitating cramps every period, but once I switched from tampons to using a cup the cramping stopped. Its amazing how incredibly damaging mass produced tampons and pads can be for your body (and the environment). Its going to seem gross if your new to the concept (it took me more than a year to make the decision) but its really not. Even if you don't want to switch its worth educating yourself about. The blog at Lunapads is a great place to start.

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

Kudos to you for figuring out what was causing yours!  I don't get them every month - just once in awhile.  As far as I can tell I don't do anything differently.  Wish I could figure it out!

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

Yes, yes, and yes. I'm very fond of my DivaCup and cloth pads (if you're a back-up method kind of person, which I am) are way better for you. I use Rockin Green Femme Rock detergent and it's amazing stuff. (You can also make your own - but try to avoid anything that will leave a scent behind.) 

Once I got used to the cup, I didn't get nearly as much blood on my hands as I did with tampons. It's also way more leak-resistant and lasts longer - even the superest of supers would only last me about an hour, the cup lets me go longer. 

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

Same here! But I love the MeLuna (its a German brand) way better than the Diva Cup. Smiley Very Happy They have way more options for size, stem type and even color! I kick myself so bad for waiting so long to make the switch. They really should tell girls about the different options during school rather than letting them think there are no options.


Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

I've heard of that but haven't tried it, I'm glad you brought it up as an option, good call. Smiley Happy

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

I had one at 11 am last week.  I went to the emergencies bc the pain wouldn't go away & it was for 6 hours of torture !  The doc told me I was very dehydrated lol

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(


Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

Oh boy, I hate cramps! Ever since my first period, I've gotten cramps. It's progressively gotten worse and for me, the first five or so days are always cramp-filled. Mine usually last for the whole day so it's really bad. I've actually been bed-ridden a few times because of it. 


What I do is a) make ginger tea and b) use hot water bottles. 




The ginger tea warms my tummy up almost immediately after I drink it and by ginger tea, I mean I cut up fresh ginger and I boil it in some water in a pot and after I strain out the ginger, I add honey to cut down on the spiciness of it! It doesn't taste great but it does the trick. As for the hot water bottle, it also serves to warm my abdomen up and it makes the cramps less painful. Other than that...I take ibuprofen. 


Also, I'm not sure if you've gone to the doctor about the cramps (or if it happens often for you) but I'm anemic and I lack iron in my body. Especially during my period, I will make sure to take my iron pills because you're losing more blood and more iron, making you feel tired, etc. 


Hope you feel better soon! Happy Holidays Smiley Happy

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

You're reading a page from my diary!

When I was in High School my period was horrific like yours, except I would get sick to my stomach and other things 2. hint-hint I'd be in bed for days, it was awful. I have a huge issue with Anemia as well, unfortunately, I can't take any kind of Iron pills, they make me so sick. There is a well known side-effect when taking Iron pills, my problem is just the opposite of that, even if the iron is in micro-doses.

I have to go and get IV Iron Infusions, luckily, the place I go to is quite nice, nice comfy recliners, pillows, blankets, kind nurses and if you're really lucky, you can score a TV. The hard part is that people also go there for Transfusions and Chemo and things, you feel like a bit of a weenie compared to that! But it is what it is. It's a valid problem that needs to be addressed. Don't know how old you are or if you're on the pill or not, sometimes that helps. Sometimes men have it so easy! I still prefer being a girl.

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

I hate cramps so much....who doesn't though? Haha. If I'm really not feeling well I'll do some yoga (exercise does help a ton, but getting the strength to do is hard), take a warm bubble bath, and slap on a heat patch.


Cozy socks and flannel PJs are heaven sent for situations like this.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

My choice is my peachy-pink 'Nars Orgasm' colored Satin PJ's.

That's about the only "O" that's happening right about then!!


Doh!!!!! Smiley Surprised

No,she didn't!!

Yes. She. Did!!!

Or she didn't, depending on how you look at it.

Sorry, obvious over-share. Maybe should've put that in a spoiler. Smiley Tongue

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

Exercise has always helped me, and I take four Motrin (each being 200mg, which is equivalent to prescription 800mg Ibuprofen). Aleve also helps (you're only supposed to take two a day, I think, but I definitely take more than that). Drug-wise, these are the only ones that have helped me. (They do nothing for headaches for me (only Excedrin does!), but for cramps, they seem to work wonders.) I hope you feel better soon!

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

yeah i was dying for about a week until it FINALLY STOPPED 12- 23 thank god. and so i celebrated with cookies ice cream an pizza and a whole lot of junk food which made me sick. speaking of ice-cream! gasp! i have some left.  Smiley Happy)

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

My kind of girl!!

Currently it's Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean for me. What's your poison?

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

oh man, i've had them since MONDAY! i just switched BC pills and this time around my period is so full on Smiley Sad I was on a BC before that made them pretty much nonexistent (so obv no cramps) for like the last 6 years so I was so not ready for this!! I've been drinking tea and using a heating pad Smiley Happy

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

I take ibuprofen ~a week before and throughout my period to make if be lighter and hurt less. I also find hot bathes and stretching helps. Birth control is also awesome at making it hurt less and lighter.

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

oh gosh, Im sorry for your pain ladies!! Ive had my period for almost a year and I never had any cramps or pain, except for the annoying huge amounts of blood.

Re: Don't you just hate cramps? :(

My heating pad has been my faithful friend for ages. 

Although it's been replaced numerous times, I burn those things out, my cramps are so bad. I'm sensitive though and one of those heating pads burned me so badly Smiley Surprised  I, of course, was not at fault, it was entirely the heating pad!


Wish I saw this sooner, I would say you could get those ThermaCare patches that you'd use of a different body part and slap that bad boy on when you're on the go, one on the front & one on the back. Have to make sure it doesn't bother your skin though. You might try putting it on your 'danties' if you don't want it directly on your skin. May be a little late for this month, maybe next year.Smiley Happy

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